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Beatrice Williams Scholarship Established


Steve & Melanie Williams (left) present their endowment gift for the Beatrice Williams Scholarship.
A new scholarship at Williams Baptist College honors Beatrice Black Williams, widow of the school’s founder. Steve and Melanie Williams, the son and daughter-and-law of Dr. and Mrs. H.E. Williams, endowed the scholarship this summer.

"We want to honor mother’s life and her contributions to the school over the years," Steve Williams commented. "The college couldn’t have accomplished what it did without her. Most people have no idea how much she did to make the institution successful."

The scholarship is intended for students majoring in either elementary or secondary education, in keeping with Beatrice Williams’ career as an educator. She spent more than 30 years as a teacher at elementary, senior high and college levels.

"Education is very dear to Melanie and me, and we wanted to do something to benefit education majors," said Steve Williams.

Beatrice Williams was the oldest of 10 children who grew up in Perryville, Ark. She was known as a passionate advocate for the mission of WBC, and she worked as registrar in the college’s early days, often for little or no pay.

"Mrs. Williams played a pivotal role in the formation and growth of this college, and this scholarship is a very fitting recognition of her," said WBC President Dr. Jerol Swaim. "We extend our most sincere gratitude to Steve and Melanie for endowing this scholarship, which will benefit many education majors in the years to come."

Steve and Melanie Williams live in Cumming, Ga. Beatrice Williams is now 99 years of age and lives in Little Rock.

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