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BRTC Students Using Williams Library


The library at Black River Technical College will be closed this summer to recover from flood damage, but Williams Baptist College has agreed to help BRTC students in the meantime. WBC’s Felix Goodson Library will provide full services to BRTC students through the summer terms.

Much of BRTC’s Pocahontas campus, including its library, was damaged during severe flooding this spring. The WBC campus, which is at Walnut Ridge, was not affected by the flooding. The two colleges are about a ten minute drive from each other.


BRTC & WBC Library Workers: (left to right) Katy Jane Miller (WBC), Peggy Chadwick (WBC), Krystal Hendon (BRTC), Debbie Sorg (BRTC), Anne Simpson (BRTC) and Pamela Meridith (WBC).

"Academic and research libraries constantly look for new ways to deliver information to users at their point of need. Because of the recent flood, BRTC’s library community has a need that the Felix Goodson Library can meet," said Pamela Meridith, director of library services at Williams.

Library staffs from both colleges met May 17th to work out details of the agreement.

BRTC students with current ID cards will have access to all services at the Williams library, including book circulation, use of print and electronic resources (journal databases and ebooks), interlibrary loan, computer lab, WiFi connection for personal laptops and complete customer service.

The access is effective for BRTC’s May Intercession, Summer I and Summer II terms and runs until the planned re-opening of the BRTC library in late August.

Anne Simpson, library director at BRTC, noted, "We called and asked if our students could come over to the Williams library, and Pamela didn’t hesitate on anything we asked. It was really nice of her and WBC to provide this for us."

Simpson was accompanied by Krystal Hendon and Debbie Sorg from BRTC. In addition to Meridith, representatives from the Williams library included Peggy Chadwick and Katy Jane Miller.

Felix Goodson Library is located on Fulbright Ave., near the main entrance to the Williams campus. Summer hours at the library are 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Meridith noted that the WBC library is open to the public throughout the year, and area residents are encouraged to stop by and apply for a community card, giving them access to library collections and services.

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