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Classes Begin August 26


Williams Baptist College will begin classes on Monday, August 26.  As a part of the new registration method, however, there are various steps that students need to be aware of and accomplish by Friday, August 30.

First, students should complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  For questions, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 870-759-4112.

All students must sign a promissory note and should stop by the Office of Business Affairs anytime between Monday, August 19, and Friday, August 30, to do so.  Payments, if applicable, can be made at this time.

Also, students who wish to change their schedule should meet with their advisors between Monday, August 26, and Friday, August 30.

Students must complete these steps by Friday, August 30, or their schedules will be dropped.  For further questions, call the Office of Academic Affairs at 870-759-4128 or 870-759-4130.

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