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Event Raises $4,200 for Mission Thailand


Tim Cummins Skyping with his parents in Thailand.
Is it possible to be in two places at one time? Yes indeed…Just ask missionaries Richard and Connie Cummins who live in Thailand but, thanks to computer technology (Skype), "visited" with family and friends this past Sunday night at First Baptist Church in Walnut Ridge.

They along with their daughters, Bethany and Tip, welcomed over two hundred guests to FBC's Mostly Silent Auction/Bean Supper while nestled in their living room half way around the world. Monday morning in Thailand was Sunday night in Arkansas, and the Cummins joined the festivities, greeted many friends and chatted with their son, Timothy, a sophomore at Williams Baptist College.

During the fund raising event, Richard and Connie were also able to see many of the 30 participants who will travel to their home March 15-25 to work at "Connie's House," a non- profit agency operated by The Cummins, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. "Connie's House" is a foster home that cares for orphans (many of whom are sick) while waiting for adoption by families around the world.

The event at First Baptist was to raise money to assist with lodging, food and transportation costs while in Thailand. The contributions of area businesses and individuals made the event highly successful, raising more than $4,200.

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