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Hobbs Granted Tenure at WBC


Dr. Melissa Hobbs of the Williams Baptist College biology faculty has been granted tenure by the school.  WBC’s Board of Trustees voted Friday to give Hobbs tenured status.

“At Williams, the grant of tenure is a recognition of distinguished, exceptional service to the college and its mission,” said Dr. Kenneth Startup, WBC’s academic dean.  “Melissa Hobbs has been an outstanding teacher and mentor.  She has demonstrated a high level of scholarship in her discipline and has been engaged deeply in service to her church and community.”

Hobbs has worked extensively with the college’s aquaponics project, which fosters a sustainable cycle of fish and plant life in hopes of providing a food source for poor countries.  She recently traveled to Florida with a team from WBC to help missionaries establish the aquaponics system.

“Dr. Hobbs’ recent aquaponics research is typical of her formidable talent for blending serious, advanced scholarship with significant pratical, missional application,” Startup said.  The dean noted that biology/pre-medicine is the fastest growing major at WBC.

Hobbs has been with Williams since 2006.  She and her husband, Mark, live at College City.

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