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"Kindertransport" Set For Nov. 2-3 at Williams


"Kindertransport" Cast. Front: Jessica Howington. Second row (left to right): Anna Hayden and Callison Hopkins. Third row: Elizabeth Harmon, Tyler Lee and Ashley Newman.

The Williams Baptist College Theatre Department will perform "Kindertransport" by Diane Samuels on Friday and Saturday, November 2 and 3. The play will begin at 7 p.m. both days and will be held in WBC's Old Chapel.

"Kindertransport" is based on the story of Jewish children who were transported to Britain before the outbreak of war in September of 1939. Eva finds herself in Manchester, living with the Miller family. After her mother and father were unable to escape from Germany, Eva starts building a new life with the Millers. With the changes, Eva changes her name to Evelyn. Years later, Evelyn's daughter Faith finds some old letters in the attic and begins to question her mother about her past.

The play takes place both in the past and the present, according to Melinda Williams, director of the production. "The focus of the action takes place in Evelyn's attic, so that will be center stage," the director explained. "But, there are moments of flashbacks into her life as Eva that will be to the right and left of the attic." Williams also said that one of the characters, Lil Miller, goes back and forth from the past to the present. "Ashley as Lil has to age within a matter of a few feet, as she is walking back to the attic."

The Cast includes: Anna Hayden of Conway as Eva; Jessica Howington of Pine Bluff as Helga; Elizabeth Harmon of Jonesboro as Faith; Callison Hopkins of Southaven, Miss., as Evelyn; Ashley Newman of Southaven, Miss., as Lil; Tyler Lee of Horn Lake, Miss., as Nazi Guard and English Guard; and Brandt McDonald of Concord as The Ratcatcher, a character from a German children's story, along with other roles.

The production will be part of the college's Homecoming/Parents Day celebration. General admission is $3, and the cost is $1 for senior citizens and students.

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