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Olive Selected for NOAA Scholarship


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has selected Rachel Olive of Jonesboro, Ark., for a prestigious scholarship and internship. Olive, a sophomore at Williams Baptist College, has been picked for the weather agency’s Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship Program.

The program will provide scholarship assistance to Olive for the next two years, as well as allowing her to do a summer internship with the National Weather Service in 2011. She will also be flown to Maryland to take part in an orientation at NOAA headquarters this June.

"There are many things that are part of this experience that excite me. The travel and adventure that I will be able to participate in are very exciting," Olive said. "I will also be able to choose a branch of the National Weather Service at which to do my internship next summer."

Olive is majoring in middle level math & science education at Williams, and she expects her involvement with NOAA to benefit her as an educator.

"I am the most excited about the opportunities I will have to learn about math and science from a hands-on perspective. My goal is to be able to use the information that I learn in this internship to teach my future students about the applications of math and science in the ‘real world,’" she said.

Olive is a graduate of Nettleton High School, and she is the daughter of Joel & Belinda Olive.

Williams is a four-year, liberal arts college at Walnut Ridge.

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