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Policy on Finals and Flood Related Issues


Finals and Flood Related Issues:


1)     Any student missing a final due to flood-related necessity will be issued a final course grade based on their work as-of 4/28/2011.

If the student is not satisfied with this course grade, the student may request a “make-up” final examination (arranged by the student and the appropriate professor) and the course grade will be adjusted subsequently (if such an adjustment is warranted).


2)   Faculty who are not able to give a final examination due to flood-related necessity will issue course grades based on the students’ work as-of 4/28/2011.  If a student requests a “make-up” final examination, the faculty member will arrange for that examination with the student and will, subsequently, change the student’s course grade (through the normal “change-of-grade” procedure) if such a change is warranted.


3)     It is expected that all academic activities will return to normal on Monday, 5/2/2011.       


      4)  For clarification of this policy, students and faculty may contact the Office of Academic Affairs.

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