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Project Preserves Commandant’s House Exterior




WBC has wrapped up a preservation project on one of its most historic structures, the Commandant’s House. Workers have sealed the structure from the elements and, in the process, the exterior of the house has been returned to its original beauty.

Workers replaced the roof, gables, windows and doors of the house, as well as adding new fascia and soffits and rebuilding the front sidewalk and steps. College personnel also did extensive cleaning around the home, helping restore its original look.

The house was built in 1942 for the commanding officer at the Walnut Ridge Army Flying School. Following World War II, the base was decommissioned, and WBC moved its campus from Pocahontas to a portion of the former military facility. The site become the permanent home of the college.

College founder Dr. H.E. Williams and his wife, Beatrice, lived in the Commandant’s House for 50 years and raised their family there.

"The transformation has been even more dramatic than we anticipated on the Commandant’s House. We have preserved a structure that is very important to our history, and we have made it a place that adds to the overall appearance of the campus," Swaim said.

The Commandant’s House was placed on the National Register of Historic Places last year. WBC plans to restore the interior of the home in a future project.

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