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State Dignitaries and Haitian Baptists visit WBC


Back row, left to right: Dr. Melissa Hobbs, Rep. James Ratliff, 
Sen. Robert Thompson, Director Rex Nelson and Dr. Tom Jones.
Front row, left to right: Professor Alix Mesidor and Dave-son Val.
Two visitors from Haiti got to meet two local legislators and the head of Arkansas’ Independent Colleges and Universities recently at Williams Baptist College.

Professor Alix Mesidor and student Dave-son Val of the Christian University of Northern Haiti met State Representative James Ratliff, State Senator Robert Thompson and Rex Nelson, Executive Director of Arkansas Independent Colleges and Universities (AICU) on June 16.

Ratliff and Thompson were on the Williams campus to meet with Nelson and officials from WBC and Crowley’s Ridge College.

In March, Dr. Melissa Hobbs, associate professor of biology at Williams, led students on a spring break mission trip to Northern Haiti, where one of the week’s tasks was teaching the locals how to build their own aquaponic system.  Since then, WBC has been preparing for the stateside arrival of Mesidor and Val in order to continue their biological training.

"Dr. Hobbs has done a great job partnering with the Arkansas Baptist State Convention to provide this significant training to Baptist leaders in Haiti,” said WBC president Dr. Tom Jones.  “We are grateful for her work and the continued encouragement from our elected officials for Williams projects like this."

WBC is a four-year, liberal arts college located at Walnut Ridge.

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