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Ugly Mug Coffeehouse this Thursday


This June, students from Williams Baptist College will travel to Florida to learn about a new tool to use on the mission field.  Morning Star Fishermen, a Florida-based organization, will train WBC students in the science of aquaponics.

Dr. Melissa Hobbs, assistant professor of biology at Williams and leader of the training trip describes aquaponics as “a system of growing plants and fish together, in one integrated ecosystem, allowing both to thrive.”

In many communities around the world, aquaponics is the only form of aquaculture—raising fish—and crop agriculture possible, due to limited water supplies.  “These communities will benefit from learning techniques that will enable them to produce sustainable food sources for themselves,” adds Dr. Hobbs.

WBC campus minister, Josh McCarty, says he is excited about the trip.  McCarty views aquaponic training as a “foundation for future mission projects where the gospel message will be paired with a way to meet physical needs.”

McCarty goes on to add, “If you can fight hunger, disease and lack of education and create a Christ-centered community, there is potential for more people to come to know Christ.  In turn, they can go and make more disciples.”

WBC junior, Scott Evins is one of several students trekking to Florida this June.  The biology student says one of his key life goals is to “help in the fight against world hunger and to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.”  Aquaponics training will help Evins, and others, with such aspirations.

McCarty offers a reminder that Christians are called to live out their faith by meeting the needs of the poor and the needy.  With a little training, Williams students will find themselves better equipped to help others feed the body and the soul.

Students headed to Florida will host a coffeehouse and open-mic night on Thursday, Feb. 14, in WBC’s Old Chapel.  Students will sell Ugly Mug coffee and a $3 cover charge allows tasting Ugly Mug products before placing an order.  The event begins at 9:00 p.m.  The public is invited.

For more information contact Dr. Hobbs at (870) 759-4180 or by email at mhobbs@wbcoll.edu.

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