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Watson Art Show Opens


Graduating from college marks a big transition in life, and Stephen Watson has chronicled that time in art. Watson, a 2010 graduate of Williams Baptist College, will open his exhibit, "Since Williams: 30 Abstract Explorations," at WBC on February 3rd.

Watson described the exhibition as very personal, saying it is his way of expressing what he has experienced in moving beyond college.

"This exhibit is like pages of a journal torn out individually and pasted on the walls," he said. "It is almost a week-to-week progression, and it shows the change that I have undergone in the last year since my last show at Williams. It’s definitely about change, but it’s also about progress."

The paintings have been completed in the past year and are displayed in order of completion. Watson noted that all the works are about the same size and hung at the same height on the wall, focusing attention more on the progression of works than on the individual paintings.

Watson welcomes the chance to come back to the college where he developed his passion for art. "I think it started at Williams when art became something very significant to me. In the past it was just a skill or a craft, but it became much more personal there. Now that I’m in graduate school it has continued to be more personal," he said.

A graduate of Walnut Ridge High School, Watson completed his bachelor’s degree in studio art at WBC. He is the son of Dan and Susan Watson of Walnut Ridge.

He and his wife, Lily, also a 2010 Williams graduate, now live in Tuscaloosa, Ala., where Stephen is pursuing his master of fine arts degree in the field of painting at the University of Alabama. He is also a graduate assistant at the university.

He noted that graduating from Williams and moving on to the next phase of life have made him appreciate his alma mater all the more. "I cherish that time a lot more than I did when I was there. This exhibit serves as a time to come back to that special place and share the changes that I have undergone since that time."

"Since Williams: 30 Abstract Expressions" opened with an artist’s reception Thursday, Feb. 3. The exhibit will remain open through Feb. 18 in WBC's Maddox Center gallery. Hours are weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

There is no charge for admission to the reception or the exhibit, and the public is invited.

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