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WBC Climbs in US News Rankings


Williams Baptist College has climbed higher in the college rankings of US News & World Report. The 2012 rankings show WBC, which was already classified a top tier Southern college by the magazine, edging upward from number 62 to 58 on the list. US News released its latest rankings Tuesday morning.

"Williams has been rising incrementally in the US News rankings for several years now, and it is very gratifying to us as an institution. This indicates that WBC’s academic reputation continues to grow as more and more people discover the college’s outstanding faculty and educational excellence," said Williams President Dr. Jerol Swaim.

WBC is ranked among liberal arts colleges in the Southern region of the US and had moved into the top tier of the rankings last year.

"We are especially pleased to see our peer review score continuing to rise, which indicates other colleges have taken notice of WBC," Swaim noted. "Our alumni have excelled in graduate study across a broad range of fields, just as our students consistently place highly in academic competitions. Those are achievements that help build an academic reputation."

Williams is a four-year, liberal arts college at Walnut Ridge.

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