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WBC Commemorates Constitution Week With Banner Display


To commemorate Constitution Week, "Bill of Rights" banners are being place in prominent places around the Williams Baptist College campus. The banner display will become a regular event at this time of year.

"We think these very attractive banners are an excellent way for students to become reacquainted with the Constitution of the United States," said Dr. Kenneth Startup, vice president for academic affairs at Williams.

"We certainly want our students to think seriously about their rights and responsibilities as citizens. We're pleased that every student on campus will have an opportunity to see these banners and consider the significance of the Constitution."

In previous years, WBC celebrated the Constitution with a chapel service held at the beginning of every academic year. Beginning this year, however, the school will make use of the banners to encourage students to reflect over our nation's important document.

"We only have the first two of what we think will be six or seven banners. We hope to add two displays per year until we have all of the Bill of Rights on display all around the college," added Startup.

A gift from Robert W. Norvell of Jonesboro made the banners possible, according to Startup.

"We are certainly grateful to Mr. Norvell for his crucial support for this project," concluded Startup. "His civic-mindedness is an example and encouragement to everyone at Williams."

Williams is a four-year, liberal arts college at Walnut Ridge.

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