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Welcome to Our New Website


If you visit the Williams website even occasionally, you have probably noticed our new look. We are pleased to introduce our updated home page, and we hope it is helpful to you in finding information about WBC.

We have endeavored to make this site as user friendly as possible. You will notice a vertical menu bar on the left, which is very similar to the one people were accustomed to using on our previous site.

Additionally, we have added a horizontal menu across the top of the page that covers broader categories of interest. There are also drop-down menus on the horizontal bar that enable you to select a desired page in a single click, without having to work through several pages to get to your destination.

Of course, we have also updated the appearance of the whole website, adding a lot of new visual elements that we hope you will enjoy.

A website is always a work in progress, and this one is no exception. We continue to develop and refine pages, so you can expect to see some further changes. There are over 600 pages on the WBC website, which gives us plenty to work on!

Please take some time to browse, and we hope you will visit this site again often.

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