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Williams Campus Springs Back to Life


Andrew Smith, director of men's residence and campus
recreation, enjoys breakfast in the re-opened dining hall.
Fall sport athletes have moved in and freshmen are on their way soon, as well. The fall semester is about to commence at Williams Baptist College.

Classes begin Monday, August 25th, but the weeks leading up to the new school year are a busy time, too.

“Students beginning classes will experience several new athletic programs and renovated and new facilities.  These elements only enhance the high quality education and personal attention for which Williams is known,” said WBC president Dr. Thomas Jones.   

Athletes for women's volleyball, men's and women's soccer, and men's and women's cross country have already moved into residence halls and begun their pre-season workouts.

Residence hall staffers and orientation leaders will also move back to Williams in the days preceding the start of the school year. The 2014 freshman class arrives Friday, August 22nd, to begin new student orientation, known as Ascend.

One highlight of the new school year is the opening of the expanded and renovated Mabee-Gwinup Cafeteria. The Billy Harty Dining Room has been added to the student dining area, which more than doubles its seating capacity. Other, new amenities have been added to the cafeteria, as well.

“We are looking forward to the potential this new year holds in accomplishing our mission of providing an excellent, holistically Christian, liberal arts education while compassionately shaping students’ lives,” Jones concluded.

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