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Williams Launches Online Criminal Justice Program


Williams Baptist College is making it possible for law enforcement professionals to complete a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice (CJ). Williams has been approved to launch its online bachelor’s in CJ, and enrollment is underway.

"The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice offers an in-depth scientific study of crime and criminal behavior, and the response of government institutions to the myriad issues created by these deviant behaviors. This program is being offered exclusively online for the purpose of allowing the working professional an opportunity to finish a 4-year degree," said Brain Luetschwager, director of WBC’s CJ program.

Williams recently received final approval from the Higher Learning Commission, its main accrediting agency, to begin its CJ program, and classes will begin this fall.

"The field of criminal justice is ever changing, and today’s professionals are continually being faced with new challenges and issues. Historically, many positions within the field were regarded as trades, but now society understands that there is a need for professionals with advanced training and higher education to tackle the complex crimes and social problems created by sophisticated criminals," Luetschwager said.

The Williams CJ program is a degree completion program for those in Arkansas who already have an associate’s degree or possess semester credit hours that match the minimum general education requirements of the degree plan. It is open to those who are already working in the field of law enforcement.

"Because of the course content, accelerated delivery of course material and experiential learning requirements of this degree, the online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice is limited to those students already employed in the field of criminal justice," Luetschwager said.

He added that those who wish to apply but are not currently employed in the field must meet other requirements before being considered for acceptance to the program. He also noted that the program is structured to accommodate the work schedule of law enforcement professionals.

"Because the program was developed for a working student, the courses are only eight weeks long, with a recommended course load of only 2 classes at a time," said Luetschwager.

The director noted that the Williams CJ program will be competitively priced compared to other 4-year institutions in Arkansas, and he said classes will be taught by a highly qualified faculty.

"Every professor in the program will not only be a scholar, but will also be a current or former practitioner in the field relevant to the course they are teaching. With the complexity of issues that graduates of this program will face, the added insight of practitioners will greatly enhance the program at Williams," he noted.

Luetschwager noted the CJ program is also developed in keeping with the standards of WBC.

"Perhaps most importantly, this program will match the mission statement of Williams Baptist College and provide the student with an excellent, holistically Christian education," he noted.

Those who want more information can contact Brian Luetschwager at (870) 759-4241 or bluetschwager@wbcoll.edu, or they can read more online at williamsbaptistcollege.com/criminal-justice.

Williams is a Christian, liberal arts college in Walnut Ridge, Ark. It will become Williams Baptist University in July of 2018.

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