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Williams Launches Updated Website


There is a whole new look these days on the Williams Baptist College website. Williams recently launched an updated version of its home page, giving the college a fresh appearance online and new user-friendly options for visitors to the site.

"The comments have been very positive in the first few days since we switched to the new site," said Brett Cooper, vice president for college relations. "Everyone seems to like the new look, and they are finding it easy to navigate."

Cooper said the college put an emphasis on keeping its website easy to use and information easy to access.

"There is a vertical menu bar on the left, which is very similar to the one people were accustomed to using on our previous site, and we have added a horizontal menu across the top of the page that covers broader areas of interest," Cooper said. He also noted that drop-down menus along the top of the site enable users to select a desired page in a single click, without having to work through several pages to get to their destination.

Visually, the layout is notably different from the previous WBC site. It features larger photographs and more modern graphics, among other updates to the appearance.

"It’s a very extensive project to overhaul a website like ours. There are over 600 pages on the Williams site, and the site map is surprisingly complex. By the time you provide the pages needed for each office, academic department, athletic team and other areas, it is a complicated process," Cooper said.

He said Williams has had a website for about 15 years, and that it has had several updates in that time. "A website is always a work in progress, and this one is no exception. We continue to develop and refine pages, so you can expect to see some further changes," he said.

WBC maintains two addresses for its website, and users can access the page at either www.williamsbaptistcollege.com or www.wbcoll.edu.

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