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Williams Students Build Igloo


A big winter storm in January gave most people a few days off, but it inspired Tyler Herring and Chase Duggins to get to work. The Williams Baptist College students worked tirelessly over the weekend building a full-size igloo on the WBC campus.

With over 10 inches of snow falling at WBC Friday, Jan. 29, the two had plenty to work with. So, they started compressing snow in a cooler to form the large blocks of ice they needed to construct an igloo. Some 160 blocks later, their masterpiece was complete.

Duggins (right in photos), a sophomore from Highland, Ark., and Herring, a junior from Jonesboro, Ark., estimate they spent more than 30 hours of combined effort building the ice structure. Both play for WBC’s baseball team, so it is fitting that their igloo was next to Shell Baseball Field.

They say eight people were able to fit in the igloo at one time, and they claim several more could have fit comfortably inside.

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