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Williams to Host NASA Speaker


A NASA scientist, Dr. Richard Hoover, will present a lecture in April at Williams Baptist College. Hoover, who is a microbiologist at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama, will give a talk entitled “Looking for life in all the wrong places” the evening of Tuesday, April 20.

Hoover’s work has been featured in National Science Foundation videos, BBC programs, Discovery Channel programs and National Geographic specials. He conducts research in microbial extremophiles and astromaterials. He has authored or edited 35 books and over 250 scientific papers.

He has done extensive research in polar settings and made numerous discoveries involving organisms which grow in extremely cold climates. Astronauts James L. Lovell and Owen K. Garriott participated in his Antarctica 2000 Expedition, which resulted in the discovery of an organism that can grow at -5 degrees Celsius.

Hoover’s address is part of the ongoing WBC Lecture/Concert Series. It will take place April 20 at 7:00 p.m. in Sloan Center room 101.

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