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WTEP Providing Algebra Teacher Training


Algebra teachers are taking advantage of a training opportunity this summer at Williams Baptist College. A federal grant is funding the program through the Williams Teacher Education Program (WTEP).

Dr. Brad Baine, chair of WTEP, said the program has received funding from the No Child Left Behind Improving Teacher and Principal Quality: P-16 Education Partnerships program, which enables Williams to provide training in the newly adopted Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

WTEP has been providing teacher education services and preparing educators for the last 17 years. Recently, according to Baine, the program has begun offering systematic professional development for surrounding school districts, specifically in math and science.

The new standards in algebra will require Arkansas teachers of Algebra I to shift both what and how they teach mathematics content. The goal of the program, Preparing Algebra I Teachers for 21st Century Learner, is to help educators adapt to the new standards.

The main thrust is the difference between Algebra 1 as it is taught now and as it will have to be taught once the new core standards are in place. The training is designed to close the gap between the current and the new standards for teachers in northeast Arkansas.

Baine said the focal county area for the training will be: Randolph, Lawrence, Greene and Clay. However, the training has participants from 10 counties in Northeast Arkansas.

During two weeks of June, participants will attend eight days of training for six hours a day. In addition, participants will attend four sessions between August and January.

The project is funded in part by a federal grant under Title II of the No Child Left Behind Act (P.L. 107-110) administered by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.

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