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Campus Ministries provides numerous mission opportunities throughout the school year and summer.  Previously, students have gone to Haiti, Thailand, Hungary, Peru, Cambodia, Memphis, Boston, New York and countless other places around the world.  Campus Ministries sells coffee, WBC cookbooks, recycled and reusable bags and hosts various fundraisers that help off-set the prices students must raise. 


WBC Campus Ministries is proudly partnering with Phoenix Roasters to raise money to connect people to Christ. Phoenix Rosters generously gives a portion of each product sold through WBC Campus Ministries back to help fund student missions. For more information or to purchase coffee please visit Phoenix Roasters.  



If you would like to purchase a cookbook please visit our office, or email. Cookbooks are sold for $5.00+shipping; students going on mission receive 100% of the profit. 


Mixed Bags:

To support us, click here to shop Mixed Bag Designs online and we get 40% of the purchase! Enter in our fundraising code: 77323 when you checkout.  
Mixed Bag Designs has tons of colorful and fun products including totes, kitchenware, travel bags, accessories and more.


If you would like to give directly toward Campus Ministries missions you may send donations to:

WBC Campus Ministries
56 McClellan Drive
WBC Box 3623
Walnut Ridge, AR 72476
This donation is tax deductible.