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Interlibrary Loan Policy
Borrowing Guidelines


Who May Borrow  What May be Borrowed  Procedures for Requests   Fees  Delivery
Notification  Due Date  Renewal  Overdue  Lost/Damaged
 Patron Responsibility  FGL Responsibility      

Who May Borrow
 Current Felix Goodson Library (FGL) card holders.


What May be Borrowed
FGL will attempt to borrow library materials of most types but the lending library determines what materials they will lend.   Requests should be made after a thorough search for material in the Felix Goodson Library collection including:

·        Books (print) listed in the FGL online catalog.
·         Electronic books available from FGL online catalog or vendor ebooks.
·         Full text articles available in print journals.
·         Full text articles available from FGL subscription journal databases.
·         Free Internet resources. 

The FGL will request:
·         Books
·         Full text articles
·         Dissertations and Theses
·         Microforms
·         Videos in DVD or VHS format (faculty and staff only) 

The FGL will not attempt to borrow:
·         Basic reference material
.     Electronic books
·         Rare or valuable material, including manuscripts
·         Bulky or fragile items that are difficult or expensive to ship
·         Material in high demand at the lending library
·         Material with local circulation restrictions (e.g., complete journals and newspapers)
·         Unique material that would be difficult or impossible to replace
·         Materials for class reserves
·         Classroom textbooks
·         Items from libraries outside the United States. 


ILL Request Forms
Complete one ILL request form for each item needed. Each request must be as complete as possible in order to facilitate handling by other libraries and to ensure prompt and accurate completion of the request. If several items are needed, the patron will rank requests numerically in order of importance. Although most requests are filled within seven days, allow a 14-day lead period for all requests.


The Felix Good Library charges no fees to process interlibrary loan requests. However, further fees and costs associated with borrowing are determined by the lending library.  In most cases there are no charges for borrowing materials. FGL makes every effort to locate materials through lending libraries that do not charge. If only fee materials can be located, the patron is responsible for paying those fees. Patrons will be informed of any cost before the request is officially transmitted.   All fees must be pre-paid in cash at the FGL Circulation Desk before the official request will be transmitted. Others to whom the library has granted paid-for borrowing privileges will be charged what the library is charged.  


Average Delivery Time
The average delivery time for a loan request to be filled is 7-10 days. Electronically transmitted articles may be sooner. Delivery time is dependent on the library sending the material and the availability of the requested material.


The library will notify the borrower by campus email upon receipt of the material. Upon receipt of the material, the library will attempt to contact the borrower two times within a seven day period. Materials that are not picked up within the first ten days will be returned. Full text articles received electronically to FGL will be forwarded to the borrower’s campus email.


Due Dates
Lending libraries will specify the due date of the materials that are loaned. If no date is specified, FGL will loan the materials for not longer than two weeks. FGL may shorten the lending period to ensure that materials are returned to the lending library on time. Borrowers must return materials to FGL on or before the date indicated.  Items overdue to FGL will immediately be assessed a late fine of $1.00 per day (no grace period). Additional overdue fines may be assessed by the lending library.


Renewals are granted at the discretion of the lending library. All renewals must be requested at least three days before the due date. If the renewal is not granted, the patron must return the item by the original due date. If the renewal is granted, the patron must return it by the newly assigned due date.

Overdue fines and fees are determined by the lending library.   Payment should be made in cash to the FGL Circulation Desk. FGL will then forward the fee to the lending library. Borrowers must return materials to FGL on or before the date indicated.  In addition to lending library overdue fees, FGL will immediately assess a late fine of $1.00 per day (no grace period). 


Lost, Stolen, and Damaged ILL Materials
Failure to return overdue interlibrary loan items may result in the suspension of both interlibrary borrowing privileges and WBC library borrowing privileges and a bill for replacement of the item. Replacement charges are at the discretion of the lending library and may include both the cost of the material and a processing fee.  Materials that are damaged by the borrower are charged the fee assessed by the lending library. Fees should be paid in cash to the FGL Circulation Desk.   FGL will forward the fee to the lending library. Patrons who pay for items not returned may request a copy of the invoice for their records. If a bill for replacement has not been resolved by the FGL semester end due date, a hold will be placed on a student's exam pass, registration, transcript, or diploma.

  •    Accurately and neatly complete the print ILL Request Form, or Online Request Form.
  •    Monitor communication from the Felix Goodson Library and pick up requested materials in a timely manner.
  •    The care and safety of borrowed materials and the cost of replacement or repairs of lost or damaged materials that occur in the patron’s possession.
  •    Pay any fees imposed by the lending library or to ensure copyright compliance. Patrons will be informed of any costs prior to receiving the material.
  •    Return all materials by the due date or ask for a renewal before the due date.
  •    If the materials are not returned by the due date, the following measures may be imposed:

·         Process requests in a timely manner.
·         Communicate with patrons of any problems with the information provided and/or availability of requested item.
·         Work to obtain requested materials in the quickest and most cost effective manner.
·         Communicate with patron about any fees (lending library or copyright) that are associated with the requested material before processing the request.
·         Promptly process and distribute incoming articles delivered in electronic format.
·         Promptly process and inform patrons of paper copied articles and loaned materials for pickup at FGL.
·         Clearly mark due dates on loaned materials.
·         Work to obtain renewals for loaned materials and inform patron of new due date.
·         Accurately maintain circulation records associated with Interlibrary Loan materials.
·         Provide access to Interlibrary Loan materials any time FGL is open.
·         Maintain open and productive relationships with lending libraries to ensure continued access to materials.
·         Work to ensure the privacy of all patron information.