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Interlibrary Loan Policy

The Felix Goodson Library (FGL) will work to assist any library who wants to borrow materials from the FGL collection.


Procedures for Requests
FGL accepts requests via OCLC.


What May be Loaned
Materials Loaned:    
   Books from the print circulating collection, excluding Ed Lab. 

Materials Copied:     
·         Print periodicals which can be scanned or copied.
·         Electronic periodicals.
·         E-books sections as allowed by copyright.  

Materials Not Loaned:    
·         Basic reference material. Photocopies of requested pages may be made in accordance with Fair Use rules.  
·         Books in the archive or storage collection.  
·         Books currently on reserve.  
.     Electronic books, except sections as allowed by copyright.
·         Entire print periodicals. Photocopies of requested pages may be in accordance with Fair Use rules.
·         Rare or valuable material. Requests for photocopies will be considered depending upon the physical condition of the material.
·         Bulky or fragile items that are difficult or expensive to ship.
·         Material in high demand.
·         Material with local circulation restrictions.
·         Unique material that would be difficult or impossible to replace.

The FGL, in most cases, does not charge a fee on loaned materials. Fees may be assessed in cases of excessive delivery costs caused by size of loaned item, rush delivery, etc.

Loan Period
All loaned books will have a loan period of one month from date of mailing. Renewals are considered upon request of the borrower.

Lost or Damaged Items

The borrowing library may be assessed  assessed a minimum replacement fee of $72.00 per lost or damaged item.  Items of substantial value will be assessed at the currently listed replacement cost plus a $15.00 processing fee.


·         Accurately and completely fill out request forms.
·         Update OCLC records in a timely manner.
·         Pay any fees.
·         Manage the care and safety of the borrowed materials when they have been received and pay for any replacement or repair cost including costs associated with items lost in transit.
·         Adherence to due date set by FGL.
·         Libraries in Arkansas and/or members of the Amigos Library consortium are allowed up to two overdue titles, with none exceeding four weeks, before losing borrowing privileges.


·         Promptly and accurately responds to incoming requests whether the requested material can be provided or not.
·         Communicate with borrowing library if the information found on the request is not accurate, if there are any fees, or for any other special requests or instructions.
·         Ship items in a timely and accurate manner using a reliable delivery method.
·         Provide quality copies of requested materials (preferably electronic).
·         Quickly update all records.