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Circulation Collection

All circulating items are made available for in-library use or for loan (check-out) to all FGL card holders.  Circulating books are available for interlibrary loan.

Reference Collection

All reference items are available for in-library use and do not circulate.  Pages may be photocopied for private use or educational purposes according to Fair Use policy.  Reference items do not check out of the Library.

Archives and Special Collections

Aged or fragile items are housed in closed areas of the Library.  Library staff may permit special permission for in-library use.  These items do not circulate or leave the Library.  Photocopies according to Fair Use guidelines may be allowed according to the condition of individual item.  In addition to the Felix Goodson Archive, other special collections are the Harrison Collection and H.E. Williams Collection. 
The digital archive is currently in process.

Christian Fiction, Young Adult, and Juvenile Collection

Recently added collections to the Library are Christian Fiction, Young Adult fiction and non-fiction, and Juvenile fiction and non-fiction.  These collections are circulating collections. 

Christian DVD Ministry

A Christian DVD collection has recently been added to the Library collections that do circulate according to audio-visual policy

Education Lab

Items located in the Curriculum Lab of the Education Department may be checked out according to Education Department policy.  Ed Lab materials are not the responsibility of the Felix Goodson Library.

Sloan Media Center

Audio-visual resources and equipment are available to faculty.   The Sloan Media Center is located in the Sloan Center and is not the responsibility of the Felix Goodson Library.