Loan Periods, Fines and Limits

 Type Loan Period
(not to exceed
$15 per book)
 Material Limits
 Circulating Book
(WBU students)
 14 days, with one 14-day renewal
 Returned within 14-day grace period = grace;
 otherwise $.25 day
 Daily Reserve Item
 End of day unit (1 day, 3 day, 7 day)
 $1.00 per day
 Hourly Reserve Item
 End of hourly unit (1 hr, 2 hrs, etc). In-library use only
 $1.00 per hour
 (camera, tripod, FLIP cam, NOOK, earphones)
 Determined individually
 $10 per day
 Faculty and Staff
 Global due date of semester
 No fine
 No limit
 Community Patrons - circulating books only
 Same as WBU student
 Same as student
 Interlibrary Loans
 Set by lending library
 Set by lending library
 ARKLink Card
 30 days
 .$.25 day.  No grace period.