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Outcomes Assessment

Williams Baptist College continually strives to improve its academic programs through regular, ongoing assessment.  Academic outcomes assessment at Williams is divided into two areas: departmental outcomes assessment and general education assessment.

Departmental Outcomes Assessment

Departmental outcomes assessment involves the assessment of programs offered by specific academic departments.  Having a rigorous assessment program helps each department find ways to continually improve its offerings.  This area of assessment is supervised by the Outcomes Assessment Committee, which is chaired by Ann Paterson.  All academic departments have assessment plans that are updated as needed (at minimum, on a three year cycle).  Each year, departments submit an assessment report to the Outcomes Assessment Committee.  The committee reviews these reports using a rubric and provides feedback to the departments.  Departmental plans are available for review upon request and will be posted on this site at a later date.  For more information about departmental outcomes assessment, contact any of the Outcomes Assessment Committee members listed below.

2015-2016 Outcomes Assessment Committee
(click on a committee member's name to see a profile and contact information)
Ann Paterson, Chair
Walter Norvell
Blake Perkins
Lana Rhoads

General Education Assessment

General Education assessment involves the assessment of the general education curriculum required for all students to provide a broad liberal arts background.  The general education course requirements are listed in the Graduation Requirements and Degrees section of the catalog, which also discusses the rationale for a general education requirement.  General Education assessment is supervised by the Academic Dean, Brad Baine.  For more information about General Education assessment, contact Brad Baine or call the Dean's Office at 870-759-4128.

The new General Education assessment program at Williams is based upon a detailed plan developed by the General Education Task Force, showing how general education coursework addresses the institutional goals found in the General Information section of the catalog.  The General Education Task Force consisted of volunteers from both academic and non-academic areas (including faculty, administration, and library staff).