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Intramural Sports Handbook
Fall 2010 
Section I- Introduction to Intramural Sports
A.     Mission Statement
Williams Baptist College offers a variety of intramural sports for the students to enjoy throughout the year. Williams Baptist College aims to promote physical fitness and fun in a positive environment. Williams Baptist College expects students to have good sportsmanship, positive attitudes, and supportive behavior when participating in intramural sports.
B.     Goal Statement
The goal of the Intramural Department is to provide fair competition for all students to enjoy. The goal is also for students to be able to compete hard but have a positive and encouraging attitude. Integrity, respect, and honesty are core values the Intramural Department aims to instill in all of the participants.
C. Campus Recreation Supervisor
The Campus Recreation supervisor is Andrew Watson.  He can be reached at 870-759-4156 or awatson@wbcoll.edu
D. Sports Offered
Williams Baptist College offers intramural sports in flag football (male and female), volleyball (co-ed), basketball (male and female), and softball (male and co-ed),and Ultimate Frisbee(co-ed). Males and females have their own seasons with playoffs to determine the winner. 
Section II- Participation
A.     Registration
Students register for each sport before the start of each season. Players are responsible for forming their own teams and are free to choose their teammates. Signups are located on the Campus Recreation website. Teams must choose a unique team name and jersey color to form their own intramural team. Each team has a team captain who is in charge of their team if a problem arises. Team captains can add players to their team until the mid point of the season. The midpoint is determined by the Director of Intramurals who notifies teams of the cutoff point for additional players.
B.     Fees
All students must pay three dollars per sport to participate and the money is due before the fourth game.
C.     Free Agents
If a player is unable to find a team to join, the Intramural Director will place him/her on a team. The Director will not force a player to join a team but find a team that is willing to add the additional player. 
D.    Eligibility
All Williams Baptist Students are able to participate in intramural sports. Students can be either full time or part time and be residents or commuters. Faculty and staff are also able to participate in all sports. Children of staff members must be in at least the 10th grade to compete in intramural sports and must have written approval of parents and permission of Intramural Director to participate. The Intramural Director is the ultimate authority over who participates regarding children of faculty/staff.
E.     Multiple Teams
Players are only allowed to play on one team during the season. New teams are formed before each new sport. A team does not have to stay together through any intramural sports during the year.
F.      Special Definitions of Participation
·        Student who has parents/legal guardians that work at Williams Baptist College may participate in intramurals under the following guidelines:
·        The student must be at least in the 10th grade to compete in intramural sports.
·        The student parent/guardian must be an employee of Williams Baptist College.
·        The college must have written permission from parent/guardian to participate in intramurals.
·        Only students who have a parent or legal guardian working at the college may participate. Students with other relationships to employees of college are not allowed to participate (uncle, aunt, and grandparent etc).
G.    Varsity Athletes
Athletes who are part of athletic teams at Williams Baptist College may not participate in intramural sports.
Spouses of Williams Baptist College full and part-time students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to compete in intramural sports. Spouses are able to compete in any of the intramural sports.
I.       Faculty and Staff
Faculty and staff are eligible to participate in all intramural sports. They may play either on their own team or they may play on teams with current students. Faculty and staff have to pay the intramural fee to participate in each sport.
J.      Team Captains
Each team designates a team captain at the beginning of the season.   The team captain is expected to attend all captains’ meetings and is responsible for knowing league rules. During the game only the captain is to interact with referees. If there is a problem with any team the captain is notified and given the opportunity to fix the problem before turning it over the Director of intramurals.
Section III Safety and Emergency Response Procedures
A.     Safety
The risk of injury is a possibility when participating in any kind of sport. Players assume the risk of injury when playing intramural sports at Williams Baptist College. If a player has blood on their jersey or any part of their body the game will be immediately stopped. The player must be examined by the head referee before re-entering the game. No jewelry, improper footwear (no sandals are allowed in any sport) will be allowed. Medical equipment such as casts and braces must be approved before participating in intramural sports.
B.     Severe Weather/ Lightening
1.      Postponements
Games may be postponed due to weather. The Intramural Director will post cancellations in the men’s and women’s residence halls. In some situations the game may be cancelled or postponed due to extreme weather. The Director will notify the teams of the rescheduled or postponed games.
2.      Lightening
The Director and Intramural Referees will follow the “30/30” rule when lightening is visible. The 30/30 Rule states that people should seek shelter if the "Flash-To-Bang" delays (length of time in seconds between a lightening flash and its subsequent thunder), is 30 seconds or less, and that they remain under cover until 30 minutes after the final clap of thunder. After 30 minutes passes without any signs of lightening, play may be resumed depending on field conditions and if time allows.
B.     Definition of Sportsmanship
Good sportsmanship is vital to the success of the intramural program. All participants and spectators are expected to behave in a mature manner despite the heat of competition.   A team is responsible for the individual team members and spectators related to that team. Spectators may be asked to leave the contest and if severe, discipline could follow from the Director. It is expected that team members conduct themselves maturely during, before, and after the competition.
C.     Definition of Unsportsmanlike Conduct
The following behaviors are not permitted and will result in technical foul/penalty, ejection from game or suspension from intramurals: arguing with referees, arguing with teammates, cursing/lewd comments, hand signals that are considered offensive, arguing with fans/other players. Actions or plays that are considered “dirty play” jeopardizing the safety of the players are not tolerated. These rules are subject to players and fans. Fans may be asked to leave the game or may not be allowed back to future games. All fan related issues will be handled by the Director of Intramurals. Fans do not affect the sportsmanship rating of the team they are cheering.
E.     Forfeiting Games
Forfeits are very disruptive for all the teams involved in the intramural program. Forfeits not only hurt the win/loss record but it takes the fun out of competition. Before starting a season a team needs to determine if they are serious about playing each and every game. In very rare circumstances a team must forfeit a game. If teams know they are going to forfeit they need to discuss rescheduling with the Intramural Director. If a team is unable to reschedule they will receive an automatic sportsmanship rating of 1. Rescheduling must be done with the Intramural Director.
Section V- Season Format
A.     Season
Each team will play every other team at least twice. The number of teams in the league will   determine the number of games in the season. Volleyball may not play every team twice but will have at least 10 matches.
B.     Schedules
Schedules for the week, will be posted in each of the men and women’s residence halls before lunch on Monday.
C.     Playoffs
Playoffs are at the end of the season. The playoff format will be a double elimination tournament. If a tie exists at the end of the season the decision will be left to the Intramural Director. The Director will look at head-head records, sportsmanship ratings, and points against. Teams must have at least a sportsmanship rating of 2.25 to participate in post-season play.
D.    Individual Awards
Individual awards will be given out for each sport at the end of the season. The Intramural Director, officials, and team captains will meet to discuss the awards to be given. It is up to the Intramural Director to make the final selection for end of season awards. Individual talent but also attitude and sportsmanship will make up the criteria for selection.
Section V- General Information
A.     General Conduct
In addition to the Intramural Sportsmanship Policy and Code of Ethics students are required to adhere to the Williams Baptist College student code of conduct. The college’s Standards of Conduct can be found online in the Student Handbook. All participants and fans are participating in intramural sports are expected to follow these policies.
B.     Equipment
All participants must wear the proper equipment to participate in intramural sports. At minimum closed toe tennis shoes must be worn in all sports. No metal cleats are allowed in any sports. Specific equipment is provided by the Intramural Department such as flag belts, basketballs, and footballs. Anything additional is at the players expense (gloves, shoes, clothes). In general, equipment should not be worn that can cause injury to self or other participants.          
C.     Hats/Caps
Hard billed hats are only allowed during softball. Any type of other headwear is not allowed in any other intramural sport (bandanas, soft billed hats). Headbands are allowed.
D.    Jewelry
Jewelry is not allowed in any of the intramural sports. Examples of jewelry not permitted are: rings, earrings, necklaces, wrist bands, rubber bands. Taping of jewelry is not permitted.
E.      Omission
If information and policies are left out of the handbook, the Intramural Director reserves the right to make decisions. Just because it is not in the handbook does not mean that it is allowed. Common sense, fairness, and responsibility are core elements of the intramural department at Williams Baptist College.
F.      Student Employment Opportunities
The Intramural Department employs student work studies for different intramural positions. Students who are eligible for work-study may request the Intramural Department on the work study questionnaire. Workstudies are paid minimum wage and receive a check once per month. The Intramural Director reviews the requests and hires the appropriate personnel. There are positions available for referees and score keepers.