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Flag Football Handbook
A.     Introduction Flag Football
·        Williams Baptist College offers flag football during the fall semester. Williams offers flag football to both male and females. Males have their own league and females have their own league. 
B.     Sign-Up
·        Each participant must pay $3 before the start of their fourth game to be able to play in the league.
·        Teams register in the cafeteria during the lunch and dinner hours one week prior to the season.
C.     Participation
·        All Williams students are able to participate in flag football.
·        Part time and full time students are able to play.
D.    Special Definitions of Participation
·        Students who have a parent/legal guardian who works at Williams Baptist College may participate in intramurals under the following guidelines:
·        The students must be at least in the 10th grade to compete in intramural sports.
·        The student's parent/guardian must be an employee of Williams Baptist College.
·        The college must have written permission from parent/guardian for children to participate in intramurals.
·        Only students who have a parent or legal guardian working at the college may participate. Students with other relationships to employees of college are not allowed to participate (Uncle, Aunt, and Grandparent etc).
E.     Schedule
·        Schedules are posted throughout the campus to notify participants of their game. 
·        Schedules are posted in the men’s and women’s resident halls.
·        Teams must play every team at least twice throughout the season
F.      Post Season
·        Double elimination post season tournament.
·        The highest seed plays the lowest seed.
·        T-Shirts are awarded to the winner of the league at the college’s Awards Chapel service at the end of the spring semester.
G.    Playing Field
·        The playing field is a standard flag football field. Dimension is 100 yards long and 40 yards wide (100 X 40), with 10 yards in each end zone.
·        The field is marked every 20 yards.
H.    The Game
·        The game consists of two 20 minute halves for men and 15 minute halves for women.
·        A running clock is used except for the last two minutes of the game.
·        The clock will only stop during timeouts except for the last two minutes.
·        Halftime is five minutes.
I.       Start of the Game
·        Team captains meet before the game the coin-toss. The winner of the coin toss can receive ball first or defer until the second half. The loser of the coin toss gets to pick which end zone they would like to defend.
J.      Mercy Rule
·        If one team is ahead by 17 or more points at the two minute warning, the game is over.
·        If one team goes ahead by more than 17 points within the last two minutes, the game is over.
K.    Overtime
·        If teams end regulation and are tied, the game will go to overtime. 
·        Each team receives one possession during the overtime period. 
·        If a team scores a touchdown during overtime they must attempt a three point extra point. If both teams take a possession and the score is still tied, they each take another possession.
·        Overtimes will be played until both teams have a possession and one team fails to score higher than the other team.
L.     Gear
·        Flag belts are provided by the Campus Recreation Department and passed out before the game.
·        Cleats are not required but recommended.
·        Metal cleats are not allowed. 
·        Sandals of any kind are not allowed.
·        Jewelry of any kind is not allowed.
·        Players may not wear hats.
·        Players must approve with the use of a brace prior to the game with the Campus Recreation Supervisor. 
M. Uniforms
·        Teams choose a unique color and their jerseys must match the team color.
N.    Substitutions
·        A free-substitution method is used that allows teams to substitute between plays. Teams are also allowed to substitute during timeouts.
O.    Timeouts
·        Each team will have two timeouts per half. Each timeout is 45 seconds.
P.      Scoring
·        Scoring is consistent with high school and college football rules. A touchdown is 6 points and the team will then elect an extra point. Extra point attempts are 1, 2, or 3 points.
·        Hash marks outside the end zone designate the spot for extra points.
Q.    Penalties
·        Penalties follow the state flag football rules.
·        A list of the penalties will be covered in the coaches’ meeting at the beginning of the year.
R.    Specific Penalties
·        Team must have at least four players at the line of scrimmage to begin play. Quarterback may ask referee if they have “4 players” the referee say verbally “yes” or “no”. If the quarterback does not ask, it may result in a penalty.
·        Offensive linemen may not use their hands to block defense. Offensive linemen must have their hands behind their back to block.
·        No contact of any kind is allowed between offensive and defensive linemen.
·        Defensive players cannot hit the offensive linemen when rushing the quarterback.
·        Blocking works much like a blocking or charge call in basketball. The penalty depends on which side initiates contact.
·        Tackles of any kind are not allowed and will result in a penalty.
S.      Officials
·        Officials are provided by the Intramural Department.
·        Officials are the authority figure while officiating. If there are any problems during the game the officials make the final decision.
·        Failure to respond to refereeing is in direct violation of the Intramural Sportsmanship Policy.
T.     Kickoff/Punts
·        A coin toss determines the first possession of the game. There is no kickoff at the start of the game. The first possession starts on the 20 yard line.
·        If a team decides to punt on fourth down, that team must physically kick the ball to the defense.
·        The receiving team must have a chance to field a kick. The play is dead if the ball hits the ground.
·        The team that did not receive the ball first will receive the ball first after halftime is concluded.
U.     Series of Downs
·        Each team will get four downs per possession. If they reach the first down marker, they receive a new set of downs. 
·        First downs are achieved at the 20 yard lines and midfield.
V.     Snapping, Handling, Passing
·        The center snaps the ball to the quarterback.
·        Snaps can be either between the legs or handed off to the side.
·        If the defense does not rush, the quarterback must make sure that another player takes possession of the ball, before any player is allowed to rush.
·        The quarterback is free to pass to whichever player he/she chooses. There are no penalties for passing to down lineman.
·        A team is free to rush the ball with the running back
W.   Scoring Plays
·        A touchdown is worth six points.
·        Extra points are one, two, or three points. Team will decide which extra point to take, after touchdown is scored.
·        Safeties are worth two points.
·        If a team intercepts a ball and scores a touchdown on an extra point, it is worth the number of points that the offensive team was attempting. (Possible to get one, two, or three points on interception).