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Volleyball Handbook
A.     Introduction
·        Williams Baptist College offers intramural volleyball during the spring semester. This league is co-ed (men and women). Women are allowed to have a women’s only team but if men play there must also be women.
B.     Sign up
·        Each student must pay $3 to play.
·        Sign ups are held in the cafeteria during lunch and dinner hours at least one week prior too the season.
·        Each team must have a team captain.
C.     Participation
·        All Williams’ students are able to participate in volleyball.
·        Part time and full time students are able to play.
D.    Special Definitions of Participation
·        Students who have parents/legal guardians that work at Williams Baptist College may participate in intramurals under the following guidelines:
·        The students must be at least in the 10th grade to compete in intramural sports.
·        The student’s parent/guardians must be an employee of Williams Baptist College.
·        The college must have written permission from parent/guardian for child to participate in intramurals.
·        Only students who have a parent or legal guardian working at the college may participate. Students with other relationships to employees of college are not allowed to participate (Uncle, Aunt, and Grandparent etc).
E.     Schedule
·        Schedules are posted in the men’s and women’s residence halls.
·        Each team plays everyone twice during the regular season. The number or regular season games depend on participation and weather postponements.
F.      Postseason
·        Teams will play a double elimination tournament.
·        Post season tournament ranks are based on the win/loss record during the season.
G.    Teams
·        Students that wish to participate need to organize their own teams.
·        Volleyball teams must have at least two women to form team.
·        There cannot be an all men’s team but there may be an all women’s team.
·        Maximum of 10 members per team.
·        Teams must have at least 6 players.
H. Game
·        Rally scoring to 25 is used for the first two games of the match.
·        The winner must win each game by at least two points.
·        The match is best out of three games.
·        If a match goes to a third game the teams play to 15 (must win by two).
I. Boundaries
A ball is out of bounds if it:
·        Touches a wall.
·        Touches the floor completely outside the court’s boundary lines.
·        Touches the net cables or net completely outside the vertical tape markers, net supports, or referee’s platform.
·        Touches the net antennas or does not pass over the net entirely between the net antennas.
·        Touches a non-player who is not interfering with a player’s legitimate effort to play the ball.
·        Touches the ceiling beyond the vertical plane of the net and its’ out-of-bounds extension.
·        Touches or breaks the plane of a non-playable area such as adjacent courts scheduled for play, bleachers, the track, or curtain divider.
·        Touches any part on the backboard including the rim.
·        Touches the wire across the Carter Field House.
J. Teams and Positions
·        A team consists of 6 players. At least two players must be on floor to start match.
·        All players must be in the playing area except for the server before the ball is in play.
·        Players shall be in the correct serving order and must rotate accordingly.
·        Players may move before the serve but they may not overlap each other until the ball is in play. After ball is in play they may move freely.
·        When the service is awarded to a team, that team rotates clock-wise one position.
·        Players may not wave hands, taunt, or obstruct the view of the server.
·        No libero will be used.
A.     The Serve
·        The server must serve from behind the service line with no part of his/her foot touching the line (foot fault is given if person steps on the line and service is awarded to other team).
·        Each member of the team shall serve in turn. If a team serves out of order, serve is lost to other team.
·        Players may not block or spike serves.
·        If server tosses ball and does not hit it, he/she have one more opportunity to serve the ball in play.
B.     Serve Faults
Examples of service faults:
·        Serve does not legally cross the net (if it touches the nets and continues over the serve is legal).
·        Serve crosses the net, not between the antennas or lands out of bounds.
·        Serve touches the ceiling.
·        Serve that hits the wire, is a replay. If the second serve hits the wire, it is a side out.
C.     Further Definition for Player Position
·        Backline players, while positioned behind the spiking line, may hit the ball from any position.
·        Back row players may not participate in a block or an attempted block, or return a ball which is higher than the top of the net while positioned in front of the spiking line.
D.    Contacting the Ball
·        A team may not have more than three hits before the ball must cross the net to the opponent.
·        Legal contact is contact above the wrist that does not allow the ball to visibly come to rest on the player.
·        Simultaneous contact is contact made between two players at the same time. This is considered one hit.
E.     Net Play
·        Player’s hands may cross the net on their follow through.
·        Recovering a ball hit into the net is permitted.
F.      Net Fouls
·        The net or net supports are touched.
·        A player contacts the referee’s platform.
·        A player illegally reaches over net.
·        A player interferes with opponent while trying to make contact with ball.
·        A player contacts the net with any part of his/her body.
G.     Timeouts
·         Each team may have one time out per game.
·        Time outs are one minute in length.
·        Captains are the only player allowed to call timeouts.
H.    Substitutions
·        There is not a limit on substitutions.
·        Players may substitute for any position but must keep order when substituting.
·        Subs may only be made before service.
I.       Co-Ed
·        A max of three men may be on the court at one time.
·        Teams may have all women but three men and three women are max.
·        Teams may substitute for any gender but must keep ratio.
·        If there are no women only two men may play at a time.
·        If team has one female, they can play with 3 (2 males and female).