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Williams Baptist College

Office of Campus Safety

WHO WE ARE..........  

Safety is an issue that affects everyone on the Williams Baptist College campus: students, faculty, staff, and guests.  The WBC Office of Campus Safety is actively involved in evaluating the safety needs of our campus, while at the same time seeking to provide security to all persons and property of the Williams community. Through the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Campus Safety enforces all college rules and regulations.  The Office of Campus Safety employs both full-time and part-time (student) safety officers. 

All Williams Baptist College Office of Campus Safety Officers have the authority to ask persons for identification and to determine whether individuals have business at the College. WBC Campus Safety Officers have the responsibility and authority to investigate suspicious persons/circumstances on the WBC campus, if safe to do so. WBC Campus Safety Officers do not have arrest authority, but do, however, work closely with local law enforcement agencies when prudent to do so.

HOW YOU CAN HELP..........

The responsibility to report crime or other emergencies lies with every member of the Williams Baptist College community.  Students, faculty, staff, and guests should report all crimes, emergencies, or violations of college policies to the appropriate authorities. If a serious crime or emergency is witnessed or suspected, 911 should be called immediately (9-911 from a campus phone, or 911 from a cell phone). If possible, the WBC Office of Campus Safety should be contacted as well at (870) 759-4161. Campus Safety Officers are primary responders to any emergency or criminal situation on campus. Direct radio and telephone communications with local police, fire, and emergency medical services ensure that Campus Safety Officers can initiate and direct necessary emergency responders to any campus area. Crime may also be reported to one of the following: Student Affairs Office (870) 759-4188 (during normal business hours), or to a faculty or staff member who the student is comfortable talking to about the crime. 

Find helpful information for a safer campus, and other safety concerns and campus policies, by reading the WBC Student Handbook.


For Emergencies (Fire, EMS, Police):
  • Call 9-911 from a campus phone, or 911 from your cell phone
  • Call Office of Campus Safety at (870) 759-4161
  • Call Office of Student Affairs at (870) 759-4188
  • Call Chief of Police and Director of Campus Safety at (870) 847-8181 (after-hour emergencies only)
For other safety concerns: Call the WBC Office of Student Affairs at (870) 759-4188.


Active Shooter Response:

                       chgo500.jpg (Video)

                  Know You Can Survive! (Video) 


ACT: Attack Countermeasures Training (Video) 


Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment

Suicide Prevention

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:  1-800-273-TALK (8255) or 1-800-SUICIDE
  • Williams Baptist College Counseling Center (870) 759-4183    
  • 9-911 from a campus phone; 911 from cell phone

Counseling Services 

Emergency Response (fire, tornado, earthquake, etc.)

  • Read the WBC Student Handbook, specifically page 51
  • And, read the Emergency Response Plan (link at top of this page), specifically pgs. 20-26. 

Fire Safety

Annual Security Report