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Vehicle use on the WBC campus encompasses the need for policies that help protect the safety and welfare of all persons. Persons using vehicles or pedestrians walking on the campus need to be aware of these policies and other factors that affect safety. The following policies state the regulations for campus vehicle use: 

Registration of Vehicles         
  • All vehicles used by students and employees on campus property must be registered with the Office of Student Affairs.         
  • When vehicles are registered, students purchase a parking decal (hangtag) for $35.00 per academic year. The decal must be displayed by hanging printed side toward windshield on the rearview mirror.
  • Failure to purchase a decal will result in a fine.         
  • The following information is needed to register vehicles and to be issued a parking decal: name, license plate number, owner's name, driver's license number, model, make and year of vehicle.         
  • Students must renew vehicle registration and purchase new decals annually.
  • Employees' vehicle registration is valid for the duration of employment.         
  • The name appearing on the registration form is held responsible for all non-moving violations.
  • Drivers of vehicles are held responsible for moving violations in accordance with state and local statutes.         
  • Special or temporary parking tags are available in the Office of Student Affairs to those persons who need to use another vehicle, temporarily, are registered in the summer term, or have physical limitations. There is no charge for these permits.         
  • Registration of vehicles and tags becomes invalid in the following circumstances:
    • ownership of the vehicle changes.             
    • vehicle registrant changes status (i.e., resident to commuter, etc.)             
    • vehicle registrant is not eligible for privileges.             
    • any information on the registration form changes.

Bicycle Policy

Bicycles on campus are subject to the following policy:     

  • All bicycles used by students on campus must be registered with the Office of Student Affairs.         
  • The following information is required for bicycle registration: Make and model, Color, and Serial Number     
  • A bicycle parking decal is required at a cost of $5. The decal must be affixed to the top of the frame of the bicycle. Decals are available in the Office of Student Affairs.     
  • Bicycles must be parked and locked in campus bicycle racks, located behind the Men’s Residence Hall, behind the Women’s Residence Hall on the concrete pad in front of the apartments, and behind the Sloan Center on the asphalt parking area.     
  • Bicycles are legally considered a vehicle and riders must observe the same regulations as for automobiles.
  • VIOLATIONS OF BICYCLE POLICY: Students are expected to follow the policy outlined above.
  • Any violations of the policy will result in a $20 fine per offense. Violations include but are not limited to the following:     
    • Failure to register a bicycle.     
    • Failure to purchase a decal.     
    • Removal of the required decal.     
    • Parking a bicycle somewhere other than a campus rack.     
    • Failure to lock a bicycle.     
    • Abandoning a bicycle over the summer.
  • Students should not loan their bicycles to other students for any reason.
  • Bicycles that do not have a decal will be picked up and placed into storage for a period of 15 days and may be reclaimed for $20 through the Office of Campus Safety. After 15 days, any unclaimed bicycles and/or bicycles abandoned on campus over the summer become the property of Williams Baptist College.
Parking areas on campus are designated to resident students, commuter students, and faculty/staff. Persons are expected to park in areas designated according to their status.
  • All residence hall students are to leave their cars and/or motor cycles, parked in their own residence hall parking lot while on campus.     
  • Designated areas for Resident students:
    • Lot on side and back of Southerland and diagonal spaces in front of Southerland.             
    • Paved parking lot behind the Swaim Administration Building (NO PARKING ON WHARTON STREET IN FRONT OF CASH AND WILSON HALLS.)             
    • Designated paved parking behind Cash and Butler Halls.         
  • Designated areas for Commuter students:
    • Marked spaces on Frazier St. behind the Maddox Center, Sloan Center, Student Center, and beside the Southerland-Mabee Center.             
    • Marked spaces on Midkiff.         
  • Designated areas for Faculty and Staff:             
    • Any space on campus marked by sign designated for faculty/staff and/or painted with blue line.             
    • Space behind the cafeteria for cafeteria employees.             
    • Diagonal spaces on Fulbright in front of the Administration Building.     
  • Special Parking         
    • WBC Baseball team players may leave vehicles parked on Frazier St. on the gravel near the baseball field during games and practice times. They should not be parked on the grass.         
    • Resident students may park in the parking lots behind the Student Center and Maddox Center from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. seven days a week.     
  • Other Regulations         
    • Vehicles should be parked within marked spaces and should not straddle lines.         
    • The campus is walking accessible, so vehicles shall not be moved from building to building.         
    • Parallel parked cars should have right tire facing right hand curb.         
    • NO PARKING in/on:
      • Emergency Access Areas             
      • Areas indicated by "No Parking ".             
      • Areas beside fire plugs.         
      • Driveways and crosswalks.             
      • Grassy areas and other non-designated parking areas such as sidewalks.             
      • Yellow curbs.             
      • Either side of the Manley Chapel.             
      • Wharton Street in front of Cash and Wilson Halls.             
      • McClellan Drive for commuters or resident students.         
      • Vehicles should not be driven on the grass.
  • State and Local Statutes     
    • All statutes of College City, Lawrence County, and the State of Arkansas should be observed. These include, but are not limited to laws for speeding, reckless driving, and driving under the influence.     
    • Tampering with speed limit and other signs placed on campus by municipal and county authorities may result in strict penalties.     
    • Violators of State and local statutes will be monitored by college and city personnel and reported to local law enforcement officials.     
    • The Lawrence County Sheriff's Department has full authority to enforce state and municipal statutes.     
    • Prosecution for violations on state and local laws is through the City of Walnut Ridge and Lawrence County courts.