Successful Job Interviewing

Purpose of a JOB INTERVIEW: to determine if THIS job and YOUR job qualifications are a GOOD MATCH.

  • Prepare for the interview.

    • Research the organization/company.
    • Polish your interviewing skills in a mock session with career staff.
    • Review your experiences that best illustrate your skills and abilities.

  • Present yourself professionally.

    • Arrive "on time" (10 minutes early).
    • Introduce yourself in a courteous manner.
    • Smile and offer a firm handshake.
    • Demonstrate interest, enthusiasm, energy.
    • Listen carefully to questions. Answer appropriately.
    • Ask good questions during the interview.
    • Ask "What is the next step in the process?"
    • Say "Thank you," and re-state your interest in the job.

  • Follow-up immediately.

    • Write a "thank you" note, letter, or e-mail message as soon as possible. Remind employer of a few of your most relevant qualifications for the job.
    • Follow-up immediately with any documentation requested by the employer.
    • Call or e-mail employer in a couple of weeks if you have not heard from them