Counseling Services

The Freshman Focus Program recognizes that students considered “at risk” need personal and separate attention. The Admissions Office places these students in the Freshman Focus Program as a condition of their admissions to the College. Students generally selected for the program are those who are admitted under probation or condition (see page 13 for Freshman 52 Admission Criteria.) The terms of the Freshman Focus Program and the student’s involvement are as follows:

a. Probation: The student is only allowed to take 12 hours during their first semester and possibly the second semester and must hold at least a 1.5 overall grade point average. If the probationary student fails to achieve a GPA of 1.5 or above on 12 semester hours at the end of the first semester, the student will face academic suspension.

b. Condition: The student is limited to 12 hours during the first semester.


Advisor Selection and Assignment

The Freshman Advisor will register and advise students in the Freshman Focus Program.
Once a student transitions out of the program, a new advisor may be assigned to the student in their major subject area.

Counseling Services

Students involved in this program will be required to meet with a tutor, assigned through the Counseling Center, two hours per week. Students will also be required to meet with the Freshman Advisor or Counselor every two weeks during an assigned time to evaluate the student’s progress. A career inventory test will be administered to the student during the semester by the counseling office. Students will be required to attend a meeting with the Freshman Advisor every Thursday at a pre-determined time for the first two weeks of school.

End of Semester Meeting

At the end of the semester, each student will be required to meet with the Director of Admissions and the Freshman Advisor to assess the student’s academic progress and to decide on the necessary action for the coming semester. A student who has maintained a 2.0 during the semester and shows successful assimilation into a collegiate lifestyle can be released from the Freshman Focus Program and given full admissions status.