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Why Should Students Live On Campus?
On-campus living at WBC provides a great living and learning experience. Students can experience living next to an individual from a different culture, a different section of America, or even a different country. Living in the residence halls plays an important role in students’ growth as they become part of the academic community at WBC. Also, studies show that students who live on campus tend to make better grades. Reasons for this may include being closer to the library and the computer lab, or the fact that residence life is more conducive to studying than off campus housing.

What Is An RA?
An RA (Resident Assistant) is a part of the Residence Hall staff. Each residence hall has a well-trained staff consisting of a Resident Director and Resident Assistants. The Resident Director is responsible for total supervision, counsel, direction, and activities in the residence hall. The RAs provide assistance in the halls, the lobby, and the cafeteria.

How Are Room Assignments Made?
Room assignments are made by the Residence Hall Directors. Every effort is made to honor requests for rooms and roommates. Assignments are sent out in early July.

What Does the College Provide in Each Room?
• One standard single bed per person (Extra-long twin mattresses are available upon request)
• One desk with drawer space (per person)
• One chest-of drawers (per person)
• Blinds for window
• Local and in-house phone service (one jack)
• Internet: LAN Ethernet Connections (two jacks)
. Cable service

What Do Students Need to Bring?
• Telephone and phone cord
• All bed accessories (sheets, mattress pad, pillow, bedspread, quilts)
• Towels, washcloths, soap
• Shower Curtain and hooks
• Miscellaneous supplies: broom/mop, wastebaskets, cleaning supplies, plunger, toilet paper, laundry supplies, alarm clock

Items NOT to Bring:
• Candles/Incense/Firecrackers
• Space Heaters, Toaster, Toaster Oven, Hot plates, Deep Fryer, and similar items
• Road, construction, or business signs
• Microwaves
• Suggestive posters
• Weapons

Are Microwaves Allowed?
Due to fire safety codes, cooking in the residence hall rooms is restricted. (Coffee pots, candle warmers, and hot pots are allowed.) Two microwaves are provided in the private lobbies of the women's residence hall. A microwave is also available in the private lobby of Cash and Wilson Hall. Microwaves are allowed in the kitchens of Butler and Southerland Hall apartments. No incendiary (flame or explosion producing) devices are allowed in the residence halls.

What are Measurements on the Windows?

  • Southerland Hall: Room - 47.5" W x 20" H; Bathroom - 24" x 24"
  • Shell Wing: Room 51.5" W x 38" H; Bathroom - 27" W x 22" H
  • Nicholas Hall: 34.5" W x 47" H
  • Wilson: 59.2" W x 48.5" H
  • Cash: 59.5" W x 48.5" H
  • Butler Downstairs: Bedroom - 36" W x 59" H; Sitting Room - 63" W x 59" H
  • Butler Upstairs: Bedroom - 36" W x 51.5" H; Sitting Room - 63" W X 51.5" H