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Department of Art

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The Department of Art is designed to enrich the artistic understanding of all students, to develop greater proficiency in art, and to prepare teachers of art. Its mission is the preservation, transmission, and advancement of knowledge and practice in the visual arts.


The Department of Art offers courses leading to the bachelor’s degree for students pursuing professional and academic career objectives in art with a concentration in a choice of fields.

Two degrees are offered: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with an emphasis in an area of studio art or illustration; and Bachelor of Science in Education (B.S.E.) with teacher certification in art preschool through grade twelve.

Bachelor of Arts in Art

The B.A. program is designed to develop the student’s abilities as a generalist in art while also affording the opportunity to specialize in an area of illustration or studio art (drawing, painting, or sculpting). In upper level advanced studio courses students will have the opportunity to pursue an area of art they are most passionate about in order to build a portfolio that is unique to their own personal creativity.

Upon completion of the program students may choose to practice one or more of the visual arts as a career choice, or seek a professional position wherein artistic competencies are regularly used. Students may also choose to pursue graduate-level education in art or more specialized training at some other institution of higher learning.

Bachelor of Science in Art Education P-12

The art education program is designed for those students interested in teaching arts in public or private schools from pre-school through grade twelve. In addition to the general liberal arts core, students must complete the art specialization requirements (art fundamentals, studio core, studio electives, art history, and art education) and the education professional development requirements.

Minor in Art

The department also offers a minor in art requiring 21 credit hours in art consisting of the foundations core (Design and Drawing) and the studio core (Painting, and Sculpture).


The Department of Art is located in two buildings, the Maddox Fine Arts Center and the Chapel Studio. The Maddox Center houses studios for Drawing, Painting, Design, Ceramics, Sculpture, Illustration, Art Education and classrooms for Art History and Art Appreciation. The Maddox Gallery is the venue for student, and other, art exhibitions.

Christian Emphasis

A significant benefit of the art program at Williams is the integration of faith and learning. All members of the art faculty are Christians and seek to apply the principles of their faith both to their teaching and their interaction with students.


A limited number of scholarships are available to qualified students seeking to major in art. Students are required to participate in an interview and present an art portfolio to the department faculty for consideration.