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Department of Business

Business Administration
Computer Information Science

The Department of Business offers a Bachelor of Science with a major in Business Administration, Computer Information Science (CIS) and Finance. The overall program is intended to prepare you for leadership positions that require high levels of professionalism, ethics, and business competence.

Students graduating from our program have been employed as decision support analysts, insurance claims representatives, financial services representatives, sales representatives, production schedulers, loan officers, and insurance agents. After recently surveying our alumni, we found that 94% of all business graduates were employed. Approximately half of our graduates earn between $30,000 and $60,000 annually with 10% earning over $60,000 annually. Most all of the alumni responding to our survey graduated within the last five years.

Additionally, our graduates are prepared to enter graduate programs in business and law at a variety of universities across the country. Williams Business Alumni have entered graduate programs at Washington University, Hawaii Pacific University, Arkansas State University, University of Arkansas at Little Rock and Mississippi State University.


Business Administration

While majoring in Business Administration, you will be exposed to a broad-based business curriculum that focuses on producing strong generalists in business. The Business Administration major includes 45 hours of core business classes (see catalog) and 9-12 business elective hours. The remaining 18-21 hours is intended to provide a student with the opportunity to minor in another discipline such as communication arts, sociology, or psychology.

Computer Information Science

For those who enjoy the excitement of technology, we offer the Computer Information Science degree. This degree will provide you with the technical skills for jobs such as systems analysts, software engineers, and network technicians and administrators.

The CIS degree combines the business core classes, computer science programming languages, and system management theories to develop the necessary computer skills required for today’s job market. This prepares a student not only for technical jobs, but also to take business jobs where technology skills can be a great way to stand out in the job market.


If you prefer the world of money, stocks, bonds, interest rates and entrepreneurship, we offer the Finance degree. The Finance degree emphasizes the relationship between economics, accounting and financial decision-making. Finance graduates enter careers in corporate finance, investments, banking, real estate and insurance, and the finance program assists in developing entrepreneurs.


Christian Emphasis

A significant benefit of the business program at Williams is the integration of faith and learning. The faculty integrates Christian principles into the classroom and encourages students to discuss perspectives of faith.

Additionally, recognizing the need for ethical business professionals, the Williams business curriculum requires a junior level course in business ethics.


The Department of Business provides numerous opportunities for you to apply what you have learned in the classroom. All internships require a minimum of 150 hours of work for a company with which you are interested in gaining employment after graduation, competes in any industry with which you intend to gain employment after graduation, or provides you with specialized training and skills to jump-start your career. Most all internships are paid and we offer internships in business administration, CIS, and finance.

Students who have previously participated in our internship program have been placed with companies such as Teleflora, Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce, Arkansas Science and Technology Authority, and Douglas-Quikut.

Student Clubs and Honor Organizations

We have an active chapter of Phi Beta Lambda (PBL), the college component of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), on our campus. Annually, we compete at the state and national level in the individual testing events as well as the team presentation events. Every year that we compete at the state level, we qualify several students to compete at the national convention. Again, every year we have several students place at the national level.

In addition to competing at the state and national level, our PBL group’s activities include a trip every fall semester to a city of the students’ choice. Past trips have included Chicago, Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri, and Atlanta, Georgia. While visiting these cities, we tour the corporate offices of companies such as Edward Jones and the United Parcel Service. We also visit places such as the Chicago Art Museum and the Chicago Board of Trade.

Our honorary business society is Sigma Beta Delta. To be eligible for lifetime membership and national recognition, a student must rank in the upper 20% of their junior or senior class. The principles of Sigma Beta Delta include wisdom, honor and the pursuit of meaningful aspirations.