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Mentoring Guide: Calling Out the Called

Since its founding by H.E. Williams, a local Baptist minister, Williams Baptist College has trained hundreds of ministers for places of Christian service throughout the world. Today, our graduates serve as pastors, youth and educational ministers, missionaries, and teachers.

If you have been called into Christian ministry, Williams is a place where you can be equipped for ministry and grow spiritually while you also mature intellectually and socially.

As a Christian Ministries student, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Bible, and you will develop a greater appreciation for biblical studies. You will learn various approaches to ministry, examine Christian doctrine, practice evangelism, and understand the history of the church. Through these studies you will develop the life-long practice of being a student of the Bible.


The Department of Religion and Philosophy offers the Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministries degree. The Christian Ministries degree program is built around a solid core of courses in general education, biblical studies, theology, and practical ministry which addresses the knowledge and skills essential to an effective ministry in the church.

You may choose the core degree program of Biblical-Theological Studies, or concentrate in the area of Biblical Linguistic Studies, Christian Education, or Youth Ministry.

Biblical-Theological Studies

The Biblical-Theological Studies program is our core degree, and it provides students with biblical, philosophical, theological, and practical foundation for ministry. It is the basis for any of the Christian Ministries concentrations.

Courses include upper-level biblical studies, religious education, church administration, evangelism, church history, Christian ethics, Christian doctrine, and supervised ministry experience.

These subjects help prepare our graduates to lead others toward rewarding and life-changing spiritual commitments.

Biblical-Linguistic Studies

The Biblical-Linguistic studies program is designed especially for students interested in continuing their education at seminary or other graduate programs in theology.

Attention is given to the aforementioned Biblical-Theological Studies, plus the study of Greek and Hebrew.

Christian Education

The Christian Education program prepares graduates for a broad range of ministries. Most of the students in this program feel a calling to ministry other than the pastorate, such as minister of education. Therefore, the program emphasizes the educational ministry of the church.

In addition to the Biblical-Theological studies, Christian Education courses include faith development, adolescent and adult development, and counseling.

Youth Ministry

In an effort to meet the growing needs of today’s youth, Williams’ Youth Ministry program provides preparation for students desiring positions as youth ministers and in related careers.

Though this program, students receive special training in working with youth. In addition to the biblical-Theological Studies, Youth Ministry courses include principles of church recreation, adolescent and adult development, and counseling.

Ministry Experience

One of the greatest opportunities for students at Williams is the ability to get ministry experience while in school. Church positions in the surrounding area are often available on a part-time, full-time, or temporary basis.

Students are also encouraged to participate in the revival team ministry, sponsored by the Christian Ministries Association. These ministry positions can be valuable in gaining church experience.

In addition, various activities on and off campus give you the ability to involve yourself in ministry, missions, and fellowship. Through campus ministry and the Christian Ministries Association, students are able to serve their fellow students, the surrounding community, and the local church. Williams is well-known for its summer missions program through the Office of Campus Ministries.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to ministerial students through a variety of sources such as the Arkansas Baptist State Convention, the Southern Baptist Women’s Missionary Union (WMU), local churches, and others. Scholarships are also available for dependents of the Southern Baptist ministers, missionaries, and denominational workers. The Office of Financial Aid has detailed information regarding these scholarships.