Theatre performance at WBC



In the final nine months before World War II, nearly 10,000 unaccompanied Jewish children escaped from Germany on trains headed for the freedom of Britain. Most never saw their parents again. Kindertransport, the fall 2012 production, tells the story of Evelyn, a British woman in her fifties, and Eva, the nine-year-old German child she used to be.

The Cast, a traveling drama ministry team, spends the spring semesters performing approximately 18 to 20 times at church services, meetings, banquets and youth rallies.  The first performance, however, is during the fall at WBC Homecoming.  The team is made up of members who audition at the beginning of the school year, and the students are awarded scholarships and are eligible for two hours of college credit for serving on the team.

Coming to WBC Theatre, Spring 2013


Fool’s Paradise

By Peter Coke

Jane and Catherine have an antique cluttered house, unpaid bills, and a memory of marriage to the same man, now deceased. His will states they can live in the house if they don’t sell its contents

They discover some jewels and a wily antique dealer gets them to accept a down payment and from then on everything they do to rectify matters gets them in deeper. The dealer’s check is sent to one of their many creditors The Revenue Service and they accept money from a lady to pay back the dealer

When the dealer returns he tricks them again with another check as a “deposit” on the furniture. Then another woman claims the jewels. With mounting illegalities, Jane impersonates a third wife of the deceased

The dealer is about to call the police when the other two women reenter, bidding so furiously for the jewels that the price they fetch gets Jane and Catherine well out of debt