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 For those of you who are finishing your first assignment this week, don't forget that you must complete the following forms and evaluations, as well as turn in your video:


Evaluation of Cooperating Teacher

Evaluation of WBC Supervisor

Self Evaluation

Intern Reflections

The online forms are due by this Friday, February 28.  The Education Office will be closed Friday, so if necessary, your video may be turned in no later than Monday, March 3.

Reminder:  All required official Praxis scores (including Praxis II Content and Praxis II PLT) must be on file in the Education Office no later than noon on Friday, May 2, 2014.  Students who do not have official scores by the required date will not be allowed to graduate.  When you register for the Praxis tests, be sure to include Williams Baptist College as a score recipient.

All interns must complete a certain number of professional development hours and provide certificates of completion to the WBC Education Office before your license application can be sent to the Arkansas Department of Education.  Students must complete two (2) hours for Parental Involvement (you may choose any two or more that total 2 hrs) and two (2) hours for Teen Suicide Awareness and Prevention.  Be sure to print out your certificate and turn it in to the Education Office.  Instructions on accessing the Arkansas IDEAS portal can be found here

Beginning Fall 2013 background checks will be conducted on each student who is completing their internship. The cost of the background check is $25 and will be added as a course fee to your account in the Business Office.  This background check is for WTEP purposes only and is separate from the background check that must be completed for your licensure.

Arkansas State Police, FBI and Child Maltreatment Central Registry background checks are required for initial, first time licensure and whenever an educator changes school districts.

Child Maltreatment Central Registry background check is also required at the first renewal of an educator license. The Child Maltreatment Central Registry background check will be sent to the address in the first paragraph of the application.

The taking of fingerprints can be done at any law enforcement office. The completed fingerprint card and accompanying background check application will be sent to the Arkansas State Police at the address listed on the back of the application.

The appropriate fee must accompany the applications.