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Exit interviews will be held Monday, May 4, 2015.  Please arrive about 15 minutes early and wait across the hall in the Curriculum Lab.  There will be an anonymous survey for you to complete as you wait.  

Don't forget that your official Praxis II Content and official Praxis II PLT scores must be in the Education Office by May 7, 2015 in order to be eligible for graduation.  If you have taken but not passed the Praxis II Content exam, please contact Ms. Henderson immediately.  

Please take a moment to complete the licensure information form.  This information will be used to complete your Arkansas teaching license applicsion, which you will sign  at the end of the semester during exit interviews.

All interns must complete a certain number of professional development hours and provide certificates of completion to the WBC Education Office before your license application can be sent to the Arkansas Department of Education.  Students must complete two (2) hours for Parental Involvement (you may choose any two or more that total 2 hrs), two (2) hours for Teen Suicide Awareness and Prevention, and one (1) hour for Dyslexia .    

The professional development training is found online on the Arkansas Ideas Portal.  Go to the Non-Educator Login (found on the toolbar at the top of page) and create a new account.  Once you have done so, click the link for "Courses", which is found on the left-hand side of the page under "Navigation".   A list of professional development training courses will be brought up, and you will simply click on one to begin the training.  Be sure to print out your certificate and turn it in to the Education Office.

Background checks will be conducted on each student who is completing their internship. The cost of the background check is $25 and will be added as a course fee to your account in the Business Office.  This background check is for WTEP purposes only and is separate from the background check that must be completed for your licensure.