Middle Level 4-8 Evaluation

Williams Teacher Education Program


4 = Outstanding
3 = Proficient
2 = Improving
1 = Needs Improvement

Evidence of Knowledge, Skills, Dispositions,
and Positive Effects on Young Adolescents

AMLE Standard 1:
Young Adolescent Development

Shows an understanding of developmental differences in adolescents


Uses developmentally responsive instructional strategies


Uses multiple assessments appropriate for adolescent learners


Standard 2:
Middle Level Philosophy and School Organization

Understands developmentally responsive and socially equitable programs best for young adolescents


Understands teaming and advisory, and other practices and makes instructional decisions based on them


Understands and promotes organizational components that maximize learning


Standard 3:
Middle Level Curriculum and Assessment

Develops and teaches integrated curriculum


Uses assessment results to influence practice


Integrates young adolescents' ideas and interests into curriculum


Uses standards to plan and assess curriculum


Standard 4:
Middle Level Teaching Fields

Integrates state of the art technology


Uses content specific, effective strategies and assesments


Teaches in engaging ways to maximize student learning


Standard 5:
Middle Level Instruction and Assessment

Engages students in independent and collaborative inquiry


Values environments that maximize student learning


Standard 6:
Family and Community Involvement

Understands the major concepts, principles, theories, and research related to working collaboratively with family and community members


Uses the knowledge to maximize the learning of all young adolescents


Standard 7:
Middle Level Professional Roles

Understands the complexity of teaching young adolescents


Engages in practices and behaviors that develop his/her competence as a professional