Middle Level 4-8 Evaluation

Williams Teacher Education Program


4 = Outstanding
3 = Proficient
2 = Improving
1 = Needs Improvement

Evidence of Knowledge, Skills, Dispositions,
and Positive Effects on Young Adolescents

AMLE Standard 1:
Young Adolescent Development

Shows an understanding of developmental differences in adolescents*


Uses developmentally responsive instructional strategies*


Uses multiple assessments appropriate for adolescent learners*


Standard 2:
Middle Level Philosophy and School Organization

Understands developmentally responsive and socially equitable programs best for young adolescents*


Understands teaming and advisory, and other practices and makes instructional decisions based on them*


Understands and promotes organizational components that maximize learning*


Standard 3:
Middle Level Curriculum and Assessment

Develops and teaches integrated curriculum*


Uses assessment results to influence practice*


Integrates young adolescents' ideas and interests into curriculum*


Uses standards to plan and assess curriculum*


Standard 4:
Middle Level Teaching Fields

Integrates state of the art technology*


Uses content specific, effective strategies and assesments*


Teaches in engaging ways to maximize student learning*


Standard 5:
Middle Level Instruction and Assessment

Engages students in independent and collaborative inquiry*


Values environments that maximize student learning*


Standard 6:
Family and Community Involvement

Understands the major concepts, principles, theories, and research related to working collaboratively with family and community members*


Uses the knowledge to maximize the learning of all young adolescents*


Standard 7:
Middle Level Professional Roles

Understands the complexity of teaching young adolescents*


Engages in practices and behaviors that develop his/her competence as a professional*