Self Evaluation


Choose either first or second assignment*


Rate yourself according to the following scale:

3 = Good
2 = Average
1 = Needs Improvement

Personal Characteristics

Am I careful about my personal grooming, dress and appearance?*


Am I conscious of the effect of my voice and my speech upon pupils?*


Do I make every endeavor to keep physically and mentally fit?*


Do I have a sympathetic and considerate attitude toward my pupils?*


Classroom Management

Is my classroom neat, clean, attractive, and cheerful?*


Do I attempt to keep my room well ventilated, heated, and lighted?*


Do I seat students according to their physical needs?*


Do I systemize the handling of supplies, books, and multi-sensory aids?*


Do I practice what I preach and model neat and orderly practices?*


Relationships with Students

Are my classroom procedures democratic?*


Do I sue self control and relax when situations become tense?*


Do I attempt to develop pleasant social relations in my classroom?*


Do I encourage rather than criticize whenever possible?*


Do I secure desirable conduct from every student?*


Am I fair, firm, and friendly with my students?*


Do I help pupils to think critically?*


Teaching Techniques

Do I understand the objectives of education and relate learning to them?*


Do I plan my work effectively, allowing for democratic pupil participation?*


Do I teach children as well as subject matter?*


Do I encourage pupil effort that shows initiative and originality?*


Have I experimented with methods to make my teaching more effective?*


Am I flexible so that I can meet unexpected situations gracefully/cheerfully?*


Are the daily objectives made known to the students?*


Have I provided for corrective and remedial instruction for students?*


Do I use multi-sensory aids to make my teaching interesting/understandable?*


Do I systematically attempt to solve my problems as they arrive?*


Is my use of the English language acceptable?*


Professional Attitudes

Am I doing anything to grow professionally?*


Do I read professional magazines and books?*


Am I open-minded toward change in details fo my philosophy when necessary?*


Am I considerate of faculty and others on the school staff?*


Do I use discretion when discussing classroom situations and personalities?*


Am I free from petty religious, racial and social prejudices?*


Do I take initiative in my responsibilities, preparation, and performance?*