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Student Intern Evaluation

This form is to be used for evaluations 1,2,and 3. (A letter grade is submitted with evaluation 3.) Also used for periodic evaluations.

= Exceptional, consistently exceeds performance standards
3 = Acceptable/Adequate, meets the average performance standards
2 = Needs improvement, is inconsistent in meeting minimum performance standards
1 = Unsatisfactory, does not meet minimum performance standards
NA = A component is not observed or not applicable

Domain A:  Organizing Content Knowledge for Student Learning

A1: Becomes familiar with relevant aspects of students' background knowledge and experiences*


A2: Articulates clear learning goals for the lesson that are appropriate to the students*


A3: Demonstrates an understanding of the connections between the content that was learned previously, the current content, and the content that remains to be learned in the future*


A4: Creates or selects teaching methods, learning activities, and instructional materials or other resources that are appropriate to the students and that are aligned with the goals of the lesson*


A5: Creates or selects evaluation strategies that are appropriate for the students and that are aligned with the goals of the lessons*


Additional WBC Education Department Requirements Relating to Domain A

1. Prepares for assigned teaching responsibilities demonstrating care in planning and organizing*


2. Demonstrates initiative in preparation, performance, and teacher related activities*