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Evaluation of WTEP Supervisor


Choose either first or second assignment*


Answer the questions below about your WTEP Supervisor using a scale of 1 to 5, with "5" signifying the most appropriate behavior and "1" signifying the least appropriate behavior.


1. Is he/she actively helpful when you have difficulty?*


2. Did he/she make you feel free to ask questions, disagree, express your ideas, etc?*


3. Did he/she seem genuinely interested in you as an individual?*


4. Did he/she tell you when you had done particularly well?*


5. Is he/she well organized in his/her dealings with you and your cooperating teacher?*


6. Did he/she show consideration in his/her policy of scheduling visits?*


7. Were his/her visits frequent enough to be helpful to you?*


8. Was he/she supportive of your teaching, your ideas, and did he/she try to help you improve your techniques?*


9. When he/she visited you, and especially when he/she observed your teaching, did he/she remain unobtrusive, without disturbing your work or the operation of the school?*


10. Did he/she have positive relationships with the school personnel and your cooperating teacher?*


11. Other important characteristics - please specify*


Considering everything, how would you rate your WBC supervisor?*


Additional comments:*