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Communication Arts

The Department of English and Communication Arts provides the Williams Baptist College campus community with a wide array of courses in English, journalism, modern language, speech and drama.

The department provides all students with instruction in composition and a two-semester study in world literature. Courses are also offered for students needing reviews in grammar and writing.


The Department of English and Communication Arts offers two majors: the Bachelor of Arts in English and the Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education-English Language Arts.

Additionally, the department offers two minors: one in English and one in communication arts. There is also a communication arts concentration in the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts degree.

The curriculum in each of these areas provides instruction and practice in grammar and critical thinking, as degree candidates practice the arts of listening, discussion and reflection.

Course of Study

Literary studies at Williams encompass courses in all major genres (drama, poetry and the novel) and all major periods (classical antiquity through contemporary works). They incorporate the study of major writers from eastern and western cultures.

The range of writing includes technical (from beginning composition and basic news writing courses through advanced composition) and creative writing (from writing and illustrating children's books through writing and publishing original fiction, poetry and drama).

The range of theater work moves from a beginning appreciation course through degree candidates' performance of original drama, stage direction and design.

Studies in the field of English language arts include literature, grammar, writing and theater courses. Field experiences in public school classrooms and participation in professional experiences are also included.

Studies culminate with education block courses and a semester of directed student teaching. Typically, students majoring in secondary education for English opt for a second area of endorsement in theater, journalism or speech.

What Can I Do With a B.A. in English?

Students who complete the Bachelor of Arts in English degree are prepared for occupations which require the use of critical, analytical, interpretive communication and editing skills.

These graduates are prepared for a wide range of occupations in such fields as writing, publishing, advertising, public relations, journalism and a number of others. Further, the ability to write for a variety of purposes is a highly marketable skill.

The degree also provides an excellent foundation for those who wish to attend law school or pursue other graduate studies.

What Can I Do With a B.S. in English Education?

Graduates with a B.S. in Secondary Education are equipped for successful teaching in the public school classrooms of the U.S. and many other English speaking nations. They are also prepared for Master's and Ph.D. programs. Additionally, they are equipped for any of the positions listed above with the B.A. in English degree.

Opportunities to Participate

In addition to the Octave Thanet Society for all students taking English courses, the department sponsors both a chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, the international academic honor society for English majors, and a chapter of Alpha Psi Omega, the national honorary drama society. All of the societies are very active.

Members of Sigma Tau Delta submit original papers, poetry and fiction for presentation at the annual international convention. A large percentage of the papers submitted by Williams students are selected for presentation each year.

Individual Attention

The intimate atmosphere at Williams allows professors to structure courses in a personalized manner. Formal and informal discussions, seminar settings, and opportunities for students to present papers and create projects are normal parts of the program. Upper-level class sizes typically range from eight to twelve students.

Christian Emphasis

The Williams faculty is committed to a Christ-centered world view which shapes their relationships with students and their approach to the discipline of English. Class discussion and lectures provide a balanced analysis and interpretation of all works.