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Not sure which major to choose?  Consider a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts!

The liberal arts degree program is designed for many students of the 21st century who go to college with specialized professional goals that can best be met through a multidisciplinary curriculum.  It provides a unique, rigorous, and flexible learning pathway for the student population segment which has specific educational and career interests. The Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts (B.A) and the Bachelor of Science in Liberal Arts (B.S.) degree programs allow students to complete a curriculum that equips them to be successful in an array of professional settings, and provides an essential academic undergraduate foundation for those seeking to pursue a graduate-level degree for career advancement.

There are many possibilities for customized programs for liberal arts majors at Williams.

A liberal arts degree requires students:
  • Choose two disciplines or areas of concentration (18-20 hrs),
  • Meet the General Education requirements of every degree at Williams, and
  • Take 18-25 hrs of electives (of which 9 hrs are upper level).
**The B.A. degree requires 6 hours of language
**The B.S. degree requires 6 hours of advanced math/science.
 A degree in liberal arts is well-suited for the following pre-professional programs:

(Click on links below for interdisciplinary curriculum programs of study)
Pre-Professional Program of Study
Agriculture (M.S.)
Physical Science
Chiropractic Doctor
Physical Science General Natural Science
Communication Disorders (M.S.)
Your choice
Communications & Public Health
(Combined MACH/MPH)
Communication Arts
General Natural Science
Dental Hygiene
General Natural Science     
Your choice
Dental School (D.D.S.)
Physical Science
Your choice
Human Relations Management Business Psychology
Illustration Artist Illustration
Medical School   (D.O.)   or   (M.D.)
Physical Science
Nursing (as a second degree)
General Natural Science Your choice
Occupational Therapy Assistant (O.T.A.)   Your choice Your choice
Occupational Therapy (O.T.D.) Biology Your choice
Optometry School General Natural Science General Natural Science   
Parks and Recreation General Natural Science Communication Arts
Pharmacy School Physical Science General Natural Science
Physical Therapy (P.T.)  Physical Science Biology
Physical Therapy Assistant Biology General Natural Science
Physician Assistant Physical Science Biology
Radiology General Natural Science
Your Choice
Veterinary School Physical Science General Natural Science