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Department of Natural Sciences

Pre-health professions


Science and Mathematics

The Department of Natural Sciences at Williams seeks to provide students with an understanding of various scientific disciplines grounded in a thorough understanding of proper use of the scientific method. We work with students to develop critical thinking skills that are essential to a scientist and beneficial in all areas of life. All intelligent and responsible individuals need a basic knowledge of the natural world. The department acquaints students with the value of, and threats to, the environment.

The requirements for these academic programs are appropriate for students wishing to enter into industry, teaching, or graduate work in their major area of study. The college also provides the pre-professional courses necessary for entrance into professional schools. We work individually with students to tailor their program to their specific needs.


The department offers the Bachelor of Science in Biology degree as well as a minor program of study in biology. Course offerings in the biology curriculum are designed to: (1) provide pre-professional training for students planning careers in biological sciences, medicine, dentistry, nursing, and other health sciences; (2) prepare students for teaching; and (3) provide the basic foundation for graduate study in biology.

The department offers course work in biology, environmental science, chemistry, physics, and physical science. In addition, the department offers opportunities for undergraduate research in several areas.


The mathematics curriculum provides the course work for a minor in mathematics, a specialization in mathematics for elementary education majors, and a concentration for the general studies degree program. Mathematics, as a minor, is an excellent compliment to any major, especially for students interested in the use of statistics for research purposes.

Pre-Professional Programs

The pre-professional programs offered through the Department of Natural Science are designed to prepare students for entrance to professional schools of the health sciences. A sound liberal arts education is a common prerequisite for admissions into most professional schools.

Williams offers courses of pre-professional study in dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, physical therapy, and veterinary medicine, among others. Unlike other colleges, we do not offer pre-packaged programs for pre-professional students (such as a pre-medical program). Instead, we work with individual students to plan schedules that best suit their particular interests and that will prepare them for their particular programs of interest.

Christian Emphasis

The Williams faculty is committed to a Christian world view which shapes their relationships with students and their approach to the disciplines of the natural sciences and mathematics. Students are given the benefit of a careful and critical examination of the ideas and experimental finding of the disciplines within the context of the truths of God’s word which have served as the foundation for Western civilization.

Small Class Size

The degree programs at Williams combine strong academic instruction with a deep commitment to individual attention and small class size. Upper-level courses in the natural sciences and mathematics usually range in size from 8-12 students. Additionally, students have a great deal of opportunity to meet one-on-one with the professor on a regular basis.