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Steve Corder

Sloan Professor of Business
Professor of Computer Information Science
Chair, Division of Professional Studies

Sloan Center for Science & Professional Studies




Degrees earned:
A.A. - Williams Baptist College
B.S. & M.S. - University of Arkansas
Ph.D. - Georgia State University

Teaching at Williams since 2000

Areas of scholarship or expertise:
Systems analysis, database development, website development

Hobbies and outside interests:
Family, music, travel, remodeling old houses, small sports cars, motorcycles

Favorite book genre:
Mysteries from authors such as Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers, Mary Roberts Rinehart, and Ngaio Marsh

Why I chose mathematics as my college major:
Because I enjoyed the topic and felt there were opportunities for math teachers.

Why I chose to study computer information systems:
Because I am amazed at the almost magical outcomes possible through the use of information technology.  I still get excited when software I write actually does something.

Hardest class I took in college:
Abstract Algebra, because at the time I took the course, my thinking processes were still very concrete and had not reached a sufficient maturity to work in theoretical math. 

Most enjoyable class I took in college:
I cannot choose a class.  It could have been "Mystery and Detective Fiction," taken as part of my English minor as an undergraduate.  This is still one of my favorite genres.  What a wonderful way to get college credit by reading works I wanted to read anyway!  Another favorite class could have been "Handbells."  I still love to hear bells and to experience the special camaraderie of being part of a performance group.  And finally, as a "visiting" student, I loved "Life of Christ" because it opened my eyes to many aspects of the Gospels I had never perceived before.

Why I enjoy teaching at Williams:
Because I have a chance not only to share the subject matter, but also to build relationships with my students.  The size of our program and classes allows me to spend a great deal of time with each of the majors in my area.