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Admission Requirements

 The following criteria are considered when selecting candidates for unconditional admission.  However, other factors also taken into consideration are recommendation letters, extracurricular activities, church involvement, and a personal interview.

  1. Satisfactory scores on either the American College Test (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT).  No particular score is a guarantee of admittance; however, priority is given to students who score an ACT composite of at least 19 or an SAT score of at least 910.
  1. Graduation from an accredited U.S. high school or satisfactory completion of the General Educations Diploma (GED) examination.  The student’s transcript should demonstrate the following:
    1. At least a 2.5 average on a 4.0 scale.
    2. A satisfactory class rank based on the standards of the particular high school attended.

Applicants deficient in either one of the admissions criteria may be admitted under condition or probation and will have restrictions placed on their enrollment.  Students admitted under condition or probation will be required to participate in the Freshman Focus Program.  If the probationary student fails to achieve a GPA of 1.5 or above on 12 semester hours at the end of the first semester, the student will face academic suspension.

Admission will be denied if an applicant’s composite score on the ACT is less than 16 OR the high school GPA is less than a 2.25.