WBC Scholarship Recommendation Form

Three recommendations, one from each of the each of the categories listed below (excluding relatives):
  • A teacher, principal, professor, or school counselor
  • A pastor or youth minister at the church you attend
  • Another person of your choosing

**It is the applicant’s responsibility to confirm that recommendations are received by the Admissions Office**

Recommendation Category


How do you know the applicant? :



How is the applicant an example to his/her peers?

If applicable, is the applicant involved in his or her church?

If yes, what is the extent and nature of the involvement?

Based on the applicant's character and maturity, would the applicant be an asset to Williams Baptist College?

Do you have any concerns about the applicant's ability to succeed academically?

If yes, please list any concerns:

To the best of your knowledge, has the applicant been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony?

If yes, please explain:

If applicable, has the applicant ever required disciplinary action by school officials?

If yes, please explain:

Please choose one of the following: